Non-Book Stuff #3: Sauntering Around Japan (Kyoto is Cute: Pun Intended)


The past week was a bliss. I had gone from a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun,  the place where manga and anime trace their roots, and the country thriving in a very rich culture. Yup, I’m talking about Japan!

I fell into a blogging and reading slump for a week because of that. I missed out on a lot of blog posts that I’m still checking them out until now. I made no progress in reading as well so expect no review coming up in the coming days. To compensate for these absences and to keep my blog busy, I will be posting my travel adventures in Japan while I catch up on reading. Tanoshinde! (Have fun!)

Let me tour you around Kyoto!

We stayed in Osaka during our entire stay in Japan. This prefecture provides easy access to all other areas belonging to the Kansai region. It was an hour trip from our place. Well supposedly, it would only take 40 minutes to get there but the rest of the time was spent getting lost. A little adventure, yes! Their train system is complex that even native Japanese still lose their way multiple times. Most of the denizens don’t speak English so it’s hard to get information. But man, the Japanese people were very patient with our questions. If they can’t express themselves in English, they will accompany us to where we’re going. Who does that?!

On board the train going to Kyoto, this spectacular scene loomed to our view. Ahh this elicits a laid back rural vibes.

If you want to experience authentic, traditional Japanese culture, Kyoto is the place to be. Fall season is a favorite in the Japanese culture. They bask in the beauty of the variety of colors of leaves. Witnessing them firsthand, they are indeed stunning. This prefecture is dotted with several Shinto and Buddhist temples.  All of which stand in grandeur. Their gardens were one-of-a-kind. They pay great attention to it being well-trimmed and clean and stunning. It’s not enough to explore the entire area in two days especially if you’re not familiar around. Each tourist spot was teeming with lots of visitors, locals and foreigners, that it’s sometimes hard to savour its serenity. That’s one disadvantage though.

One navigates around Kyoto by bus. If you’re a tourist it’s a hundredfold better to buy an all-day bus pass for only Y500. This will be expedient since most of the spots can be reached with a series of bus passes. And besides, who know you might get off at the wrong bus stop and might need another transfer, right (I keep mentioning stuff about getting lost because our trip constituted 70 percent of it!)


Check out this typical street vendor in Arashiyama. Everything speaks tradition!
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In one alley in Arashiyama, there’s this spot called Bamboo Grove. There literally stand a hundred bamboos giving off this cool fresh air. It’s hard to take shots of the ground if you mind getting photos of other tourists. So yup, that explains why this picture is mostly skyward.
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So it’s on our bucket list to see Kyoto university, one of the three giants in Japan, but we failed to locate it. This university (I don’t know what it’s called) is so damn nice though!
Man my feet ache terribly from the long walks I can no longer carry myself up the steep temple of Fushimi Inari! These gorgeous posts tho!
What a spectacular overlooking view atop Kiyomizu Dera! Unfortunately, I have to make a quick exit after this shot. There’s a long queue behind me!
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If my house is as cozy as this one in Ginkakuji temple, I would probably burrow here for a long time (but provide me with internet and proper food, okay?).
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Oh my goodness Tem-ryujin Temple is very Rurouni Kenshin! If I’m not mistaken, the film was shot in one of the temples in Kyotot. I was unable to go there though.
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Pardon my vanity but this temple just looks on point! The sun was on its peak which explains the sunglasses but the cool air pricked every inch of my tropical skin.
Another temple? Yup! I would love to sit here all day with a good book in hand. Kinkakuji (don’t mistaken it for Ginkakuhi, ok?) temple sits majestically on top of water. Gosh, this is so picturesque!!

ありがとうございました Thank you for reading!

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  1. Ah, these photos are so stunning. I’m a devout wanderluster, so I love, love this post. Japan has always been at the top of my to-visit list. Have fun Trisha Ann! ❤


    • Thank you, Aimal! It’s not difficult to get stunning shots in Japan. I’m a bad photographer buy everything is picturesque! Hope you get to see the country soon! 🙂


  2. Beautiful pictures! I’m so jealous, I would love to go Japan.
    Aw what lovely people you encountered, if it was the UK it would a walk down the road then that’s it! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the views, even though your legs ached because if it.


    • Thank you Astra! Wow UK is also on my bucketlist! But I hears it’s mostly rainy and gloomy. Isn’t it?
      Japan is a very beautiful country. Hope you can go here some time. I’m actually surprised about the people’s kindness and patience. They’re not commonly mentioned in travel blog and thus I’m giving them this limelight they deserve 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • It can literally rain any day in the UK because the weather doesn’t care if it is the middle of Summer of not🙃 But when it’s sunny, it’s really lovely.
        I an absolutely going to visit Japan in my lifetime. Just so much culture!
        I agree that people who live in a area in general are not really mentioned- the people make the place I think.


      • Wow really?! And I thought the worst rainy days happen here in the Pacific. Yeah books set in the UK depict sunny days like it’s the best! I really wanna go touring around Europe but it will take a big fortune so maybe next time lol. Ahh yes yes Japan is a must-visit country so I hope you can go there 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh, Trisha! I am just so envious of everything! The photos… The scenery… Just gah. But I’m so glad that you had a blast and got the vacation time you deserved! And aww, that’s so sweet! I’ve always perceived the Japanese to be so kind and hospitable to foreigners! Japan seems like a wonderful destination (for many reasons; I would go just to see the cherry blossoms alone); I really want to go someday (after Ireland though, hehe)! 😀


    • Thank youuuu, Summer! Japan is definitely a good second choice after Ireland (I wanna go there too!!)!!
      What generous people they are! Like when we asked them about directions, they dropped whatever they’re doing and led us to the place! And they smile to almost everyone, foreigners or locals! Something I missed when I got home 😦
      There were no cherry blossom trees when we went there as it was only on the months of Apr and May. The red leaves of autumn trees tho!! Ahh hope you can go there too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Love your pictures, Kyoto is definitely one of my favourite places in the world. I love how it’s trapped in time, yet surrounded by so much technology! I can’t wait to get there next week! Thanks for sharing your trip!


    • Thanks Aentee! I love the place and the people and of course the food! For culture-rich go-to places, I prefer Nara though. It’s less crowded but as lovely! Weee can’t wait for your Japan trip posts soon! 🙂


  5. These photos are beauuutiful! I am in awe! I really want to visit Japan one day!
    Rurouni Kenshin, that is so cool! And the university looks very unique and fun!
    That Japanese house with the outside garden and ponds, I would love a house like that too! It’s like the ones they show in animes. I agree I would need electricity, food, and plumbing though. 🙂 But the scenery would really inspire my writers mind.
    The Bamboo Grove, ahhh, I could stay in there for days, it’s so beautiful! I wish there was a place like that where I live. I need to create my own bamboo grove. 😀

    It sounds like a lot of walking and getting lost 😀 but that is how trips are. It can be fun getting lost sometimes. 🙂 Thank you for sharing more about your trip! Did you get any souvenirs?


    • Thank you E. Rawls!! The animes don’t lie! Japan is as beautiful as how they depict it. It’s like a mixture of both modern and cultural stuff. They’re mostly minimizing manual mechanisms (their toilets are amazing! Lots of buttons!). Despite moving forward technologically, I like how they still preserve the richness of their culture.

      I hope you can go here someday too and be mesmerized by its grandeur. Your writer’s mind will surely function more efficiently with such sceneries (Probably the reason why Haruki Murakami’s novels are awesome!) It’s a trip I definitely would repeat soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m glad to know they preserve their rich culture even as they advance with technology! Sometimes I feel like America has failed to do that.
        I really hope I can plan a trip to Japan one day! I will bring my writer’s mind and let it be inspired by all the beauty there! 😀
        I haven’t read Haruki M.’s novels yet. Which ones are your favorite?


      • Yes yes! That’s what I love the most about Japan!
        My favorite Murakami novel is Kafka on the Shore. It’s high in fantasy that my mind couldn’t completely grasp it in hs. Rereading it gives me a different perspective to it. Happy reading! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • I just read the summary of Kafka on the Shore. That one sounds like a real mind-bender! Talking cats, ghosts, raining fish, murder–I’m surprised an anime hasn’t been made of it yet!


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