Harry Potter MOTW: What is Your Patronus


Here’s to a weekly tribute to the greatest life-changing novels of all times! Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a book meme hosted by Uncorked Thoughts. This week’s topic is What is Your Patronus?

I remembered being questioned about this for several times already and for each, I gave different answers. You see, I’m quite the fickle-minded kind. So instead of thinking a happy thought, I sought the help of Buzzfeed to conjure my Patronus.

Expecto Patronum!


I’m not so sure about being the smart one but I’m flattered, really. I’m just nothing compared to Hermione’s Einstein for a brain. My head can no longer process data beyond 1 GB unlike her who can squeeze a terrabyte-sized information and could still have room for more. I like reading a lot though. And oh, I could also give a good punch on a Malfoy’s face if the situation calls for it. So an otter’s probably acceptable.


So what’s your Patronus?  


Feel free to tell me what you think :)

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