Harry Potter MOTW: What is Your Boggart?

It’s that time of the week again for Harry Potter MOTW. This book meme is hosted by Uncorked Thoughts. 


This week’s topic is “What is Your Boggart?”. Let me spare those who forgot what the creature is from googling. If I’m not mistaken, we encountered this first on the third book during Professor Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts Class. A boggart is something that takes the shape of the worst fear of the person in front of it.

My real-life boggart would probably be a lot.

1. The death of Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead. Silly, I know. I actually mourned Christina Yang’s departure from Grey;s Anatomy for weeks.

2. No internet. Sounds like a bourgeoisie problem but at some point, life would indeed suck without it.

3. Being stuck in a career trap. While working within the comfort zone doesn’t require so much energy, it limits one from taking chances and unleashing hidden capabilities. I fear not being able to zone up and answer all my career path what-ifs.

4. Death in the family. Who doesn’t fear that? Even the thought makes me cringe.

So there you have it. My life’s boggarts. If only everything would go away in a simple Ridikkulus spell…


  1. I think my boggart would probably be Anabelle and she is holding out a piece of parchment, and as she reads it aloud in a creepy voice,”Fellow citizens of my kingdom, I am happy to bring about splendid news. All the ice cream in the world has run out!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” And then she would do this smirk and then say,” BTW I have made a promise of haunting you every single day and ofcourse the nights!!” Weird right? But it is also kind of creepy. A small fact about myself- I love ice creams, so that boggart for me would be extremely creepy. 😛 Love your choices though!! 😀 I wish I could have come up for something as sensible as yours, and I probably can. But for some reason this was the first thing I thought of. 🙂

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  2. Thanks 🙂 Ice cream’s (and cheesecake) the best thing that happened in history so that’s pretty creepy if it runs out. Well, in place of Annabelle, my boggart would probably be Chuckie 😀

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