Spotlight Saturday #1: When Work is a Pleasure, Life is a Joy

Happy weekend everyone! I had a long tough week and I can’t be more grateful than burying myself under these snug sheets and soft pillows on this rainy day. I made a huge decision of participating on yet another meme. (Yes, it’s gargantuan, honey!) Engaging yourself on a weekly blog activity entails commitment and time. While I’m absolutely rich in the former, time is hardly a luxury for me so I had to think it over.

Spotlight Saturday is a weekly feature, created by Josie at Josie’s Book Corner, dedicated to spotlighting and pinpointing some of the things over the week that have caught my attention more than usual, things I’ve particularly loved, etc. 


Spotlighted Blogger

I’d like to shed limelight to the proponent of this book meme, Josie @ Josie’s Book Corner. Josie is one of the bloggers I followed ever since I started my blog this year. I’m not entirely certain if we began blogging on the same period though I must say she’s made quite a big progress since then. I adore how Josie keeps grace under pressure as she attends to her exams and other school stuff, keeps her blog, instagram, and tweeter busy, and checks out other blogs too. Seriously, she’s altogether good at putting everything straight! Spill me your secret, girl! 😀

Also, her blog is not only rich quantity-wise but also quality. For me, one post requires a laborious effort to keep its quality intact that I end up putting up twice or thrice a week only. In Josie’s case, she blogs daily without ever sacrificing beauty in each of her posts. I particularly like her Thursday Ramblings where she talks about book elements and trends. I practically feel I’m an agent trying to sell out her blog but seriously, you guys should check her site out!

Spotlighted Blog Post

There’s this post I came across from one blogger about design guides. Aentee @ Read at Midnight shared tips on how she does her graphics. She is a regular awardee of the Spotlighted Blog Post from others who also do this book meme and of course, she has every right to deserve another one this week! If you haven’t seen how she styles her blog, better check it out (That Top 10 Tuesday graphics is just freaking awesome!). My MS Paint/ basic Photoshop skills totally shy away. Aentee has a long list of suggestions on how you can design your blogs and create banners. They’re absolutely helpful!

Spotlighted Book

I’ve just finished reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas and it was a cut above Throne of Glass. On my hand is Heir of Fire, the third installment, and I’m a quarter through and so far getting hooked. I keep hearing about this new guy, Rowan, as another contender in Celaena’s heart and I’m just dying to know more about it. Also, since the fantasy theme had increased ten folds in Crown of Midnight, I’m sure Mass wouldn’t fail me here. If you’ve read this book, let’s fangirl but no spoils yet please!

Spotlighted Moment

Lately, I resemble an automaton worker who gets stressed from traffic, sits on meetings, does what’s told, inevitably listens to office gossips, rants about my boss. Everything is on loop. I’m burning my life away in an air-conditioned hell and enslaving myself for money. Seriously, I’m loosing all my college ideals I’m practically going deranged. This job no longer makes me happy. My level of exasperation rose to a peak this week. In fact, I dedicated a blog post for it here. Just when I felt being in my utmost woebegone state, I felt so much love from the people I interacted here in this media and in Twitter. It’s astounding to realize how people can radiate warm concern from a distance through technology. After this, I somehow felt relieved (though my boss is still an ass).

unnamed (1)

Spotlighted App

Traffic in my country is insane and there’s no better company to sit in a two-hour trip to work than music. I’m using Spotify as my music app and, except for the fact that it hasn’t got Taylor Swift on its library, it hasn’t let me down. This app is designed for easy navigation, imbeciles like me can work their way out with hardly any sweat. Songs there are downloadable at a very cheap rate and what’s more, they’re often up-to-date. I get fast access on what’s the hottest song through their chart features or get cozy and warm on their songs organized according to genre. I’m a follower of Sam Smith, Maroon 5, and One Republic on Spotify so I get updated every time they uploaded a new song. I suck at marketing so you guys should better check out their one-week free trial. 

Spotlighted Song

Have I mentioned I’m an absolute fan of Adam Levine? Yup! And while Maroon 5 isn’t publicizing any songs lately, Locked Away by Rock City ft Adam Levine is playing on loop. My playlist is a third-full of Adam Levine/ Maroon 5 hits and if you ask me if I’d ever get tired hearing his sleepy, rock voice, I wouldn’t.

Did you guys see what Adam did to that 3 year old who got infuriated after learning Adam’s married?! It’s so funny! You can watch it on YT via Ellen 😀

Spotlighted Quote

This quote is on point and I’m having serious thoughts about escaping this slavery I trapped myself into.

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  1. I love Josie and Aentee and they totally deserve major spotlighting! Also, I feel you on the job front. I had a slump the other week too, too many students too much dumb walking through my door, there wasn’t enough of the good to balance the bad. Anyway, I understand the struggle, it’s real. Hope you continue to feel better and push on through!


    • Yeah! They are both awesome bloggers! Are you a teacher? (Should I call you Nicolette? or Nicolette Elzie? Haha). You’re awesome! I wish to get a career in the academe soon too but my plans aren’t concrete yet. And thank you! You’re support truly means a lot! Good luck on your endeavors too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m a Writing Specialist at a college, so I’m essentially a step down from being a prof. And as much as I’d love to be a prof of English, I don’t have that glittering PhD that says I’m qualified, lol, though I do beg do differ. 😁 And Nicolette is totally perfect! ❤️ Or Nic, whichever tbh!
        Also, thanks for sharing your gripe with real world jobs, I was feeling it too but couldn’t put it into the right words, lol. So it feels great to share with someone else. And good luck to you too! What would you want to do in academia if you could? Teach?


      • Nic sounds cool!
        A step down? Wow! That’s amazing! I’m sure you’ll get that PhD in no time. I have nothing but admiration for any college instructors/ professors bc they study while teaching and those are two completely difficult things.
        I’m planning to teach (and start my Master’s) too but whenever I think about it, I get swallowed by my own insecurities. Thanks for sharing too, Nic! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, I probably shouldn’t have said step down, lol, because I don’t have my masters or anything, I think I accidentally over inflated. Lol. But thank you, 80% of the time I love helping students with their writing bc it’s such a passion of mine. Everything I think about the PhD I freak out bc of the cost and the fact that I have two kids and a husband to think about makes the prospect even scarier for me. I want to but don’t know if I’m ready to transplant my family all over again. Bc the only programs I’d really want to undertake are back in Los Angeles where I did my undergrad. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is I understand what you’re saying about insecurities. Lol.


  2. Good choices! Josie and Aentee are both great bloggers 😀
    I know how you feel about the work related business. I get like that too. I just try to look at the bright side and build more meaningful relationships with my co-workers.

    Hurry hurry and finish Heir of Fire and move on to Queen of Shadows so we can fully fangirl over it! Go go go!


  3. TRISHA YOU ABSOLUTE SWEETHEART! I’m beginning with happiness! You are so so so sweet and it makes me so happy that you said all those wonderful things about me. THANK YOU GIRL. As for my secret? I don’t even know! Even my school friends ask me how I manage it. I just always find time for it I suppose. But trust me, it gets hard sometimes!

    And I am so happy to see you reading Heir of Fire! EEP I WANT TO FANGIRL WITH YOU ABOUT ROWAN AND ABOUT THE SERIES IN GENERAL. Hurry and read Queen of Shadows! Hehe, no pressure. 💗

    I adore the song Locked Away! Such a fabulous song, and so catchy!


    • You’re welcome! You deserve this and more for nailing everything in life! It’s just so amazing how people like you can do so much in 24 hours! 😀
      OMG Heir of Fire is great. So far Rowan’s still being bitchy so he’s not my type YET but I’ll get there. And yeah, people keep telling me to read fast and move to Queen of Shadows! I’m just super exciteeeed! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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