Infinity Dream Award

New week, new tag!

It’s recently been a habit of mine to post book tags/awards every week because 1.) Doing the tag as early as soon helps me avoid forgetting I was tagged and 2.) It’s an easy media to connect to other bloggers.

One sweet and lovely lass, Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds, just honored me with the Infinity Dream Award. If there’s a tag called Diligent Blogger Award, she’ll be first on my list of nominees being among the few bloggers I know who try to, as much as possible, keep a daily update on their blogs. Thanks for tagging me!

Basically, the Infinity Dream Award involves sharing 11 facts about yourself and answering 11 questions thrown at you. Don’t ask why it’s 11, I’m just a goody-goody at following rules.

11 Facts

And since we’re talking about dreams.. (don’t feel compelled to do the same)

  1. I once dreamed to become an astronaut.
  2. One of my dream jobs is to be Andrew Zimmerman’s work buddy
  3. ..and to do volunteer work in Africa and other countries where malnutrition is rampant.
  4. I dream of becoming adept at at least 5 languages.
  5. My dream destinations include New Zealand, France, and Bora Bora.
  6. Aside from a huge library, a state-of-the-art home theater is a requisite in my dream home.
  7. If a movie is produced by Dreamworks, there’s a fat chance I’m gonna watch it.
  8. Last night, I dreamt Glenn from The Walking Dead died only to wake up and realize the season premiere hasn’t aired yet. Phew!
  9. There are times when I am completely aware I’m  dreaming in my sleep which often lasts no longer than a minute. Can you call it lucid dreaming?
  10. My friend constantly exhorted me to keep a dream journal. I want to but I forget to.
  11. Day dreaming is my religion.

11 Questions

1. What is always guaranteed to make you laugh?

Easy! A Niga Higa video! It’s a YouTube channel run by this crazy Jap-American guy, Ryan Higa, and has over 15 freaking million subscribers. Seriously guys, if you haven’t checked in on it, you’re missing out on three quarters of the total laughter you’ll ever make in life! Check the first that made literally ROFL. Don’t judge me!

2. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you bring with you?

Are we talking about beautiful beaches here?? Then I’ll bring my sunglasses, sun screen, and swimsuit (or rash guard if the heat is too intense)! Screw food, first-aid kit, and water! Death will happen anyway LOL. Oh wait, getting stuck in an island is technically an unpremeditated event so you have no say what to bring, right? Hmm..

3. How did you meet your best friend?

I met all my friends in school. I’m not much of a party goer or a neighborhood person so all the friends, best or not, are basically concentrated in one source.


4. Where is your favourite place to go in your home town?

Like I said, I don’t go neighbor hopping and I’m mostly a home buddy so my favorite place to go to is our house. There’s nothing like the comfort of one’s own nest.

5. Do you have any piercings/tattoos? If so, where/what/how many?

None and I have no intentions to at the moment. No judgments to those who have!

6. Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

My imagination takes me to awesome lands that can never be found in this world. But if we’re talking about physical places, that’s the beach. Beaches are my babies. Our country is home to one of the most glorious ones in the world. So people, feel free to take your beach bodies in the Philippines!

PHOTO NOT MINE but I swear to you, the picture you see here is transparent. The colors don’t lie.

7. Through blogging, what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Starting a blog was the scariest. It’s totally inevitable to be haunted by thoughts about it being unsuccessful. The starting point is the most horrible phase but of course, commencing is half a battle won. To all of us bloggers, congratulations!

8. Who is your favourite superhero?

My favorite superhero hasn’t been created yet or at least I’m completely unaware about his/her existence. That hero/heroine should have the following traits: 1.) wears a proper superhero outfit, 2.) has a cool name, 3.) partial to every race, 4.) gender sensitive, and 5.) altruistic but not to a point of idiocy

9. What was the last bad book you read?

Carefully, Everywhere, Descending by L. Bedford. Ugh, what a tedious book! It’s an ARC and I only finished it because I owed the publishing company a review.

10. What was the last 5-star rating you gave?

For the nth time, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. If you want to know more, let’s talk about it over a cup of tea. This is going to be a long discussion.

11. What do you never leave the house without?

Wallet, phone, earphones, and my clothes most importantly.

I tag thee..

..usual ones

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Because I feel like I’m only recycling the people (Wonderful bloggers. Check them out!) who I tag when there’s so many other amazing bloggers out there too who merit these awards too, I’m tagging these new awesome ones!

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    • You’re welcome! 🙂 I love Niga Higa’s segments like Dear Ryan and I Dare You. Did you know it also has an app called Teehe? Haven’t tried it yet though but I just can’t stop laughing at his videos.


  1. Lol at #8 in your 11 facts. Thanks for tagging me!
    I’m sometimes award that I’m dreaming too. Actually sometimes I’m aware that I’m in between dreaming and waking. It’s as if my mind woke up before my body or something.


    • Right?!! I kinda find it difficult to sleep after. Does it happen to you most of the time? I’ve watched a couple of lucid dreaming videos on YT and they’re a little creepy but amazing! 🙂


      • Not often these days. It occurred often when I was in high school and college. So weird! I can’t watch those videos. Sometimes I think to google it but it’s too creepy.


      • Good for you then though it’s kinda amazing to have that ability… though it’s more horrifying. There are even some documentaries about people who can go to distant places while lucid dreaming. Crazy weird right?! 🙂


  2. Thanks for tagging me 😀 I have so many of these to do now lol… Have you ever had a dream where you’re falling and then in real life you feel as if you’re falling while still dreaming and get jolted awake??? It’s creepy and scary! 😦


    • Oh my I feel like I’m the major contributor to your endless book tag list LOL.
      Oh my goodness yes and it’s creepy! A weird explanation to that from the net: we jerk because somebody’s pulling us to death until we gain consciousness from sleep. CREEEEEPY!


  3. Ryan Higa, lol, that video made me laugh so much!!! XD
    That photo of the transparent water at the beach is amazing! I would love to visit a beach like that one day! Lucky you living right there!
    I’m not a party person either, and no piercings. 🙂
    Do we answer the same 11 questions you did?


  4. Those are some ambitious goals, Trisha! 😉 But I definitely share the Africa (or any LDC for that matter) one. One of my friend’s dad worked with Doctors Without Borders and had a blast volunteering. Ever since hearing his experience with the program, I’ve been wanting to try my hand volunteering overseas! And haha, my best friend loves Niga Higa videos. I’m trying to limit my youtube watching these days, but watching videos like Ryan’s makes my day, too. And for the nth time, I really need to read Me Before You!


    • Lol ikr 😛 I heard good stuff about Doctors Without Borders. Some people from my college had affiliations with that organization and their stories are awesome! Med missions would surely benefit from pharmacists like you, Summer! 🙂 I just can’t help watching and rewatching Niga Higa videos. Haha I’m glad you found it funny! 🙂 And lile you said, it’s not a book tag without Me Before You haha 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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