Indefinite Hiatus Announcement

The Bookgasm used to be a busy blog with at least 3 posts coming up every week (..uh. that’s my personal definition of “busy” so don’t burst my bubble LOL). There was a decline on activities since the last month. It’s been two weeks since a post came up on my blog which is a very unusual thing. I thought of making that “brief interlude” an official hiatus hence, this post.

On a Hiatus


  1. Did you know I get up at 4 in the morning to go to work? I live just about 14 kilometers away from our office but the traffic en route goes on for eternity. Half true. Manila roads are that terrible. I can’t afford to be “just on time” and even more, to be late especially since I work in a Japanese company. We all know how crazy they are about promptness. This means I have to hit the bed at 9 and put off all extracurricular activities. Alas, blogging is included.
  2. I am currently suffering from a reading slump. Last March, I finished only 5 books. Maybe less. This April, I haven’t gone to my second yet and already, the month is halfway through! This is partly because TV shows (and traffic) are eating up most of my free time. With the conclusion of winter (in the west) came the excitement level of my favorite series escalating. I couldn’t help but glue myself on them. I doubt if I could recover from this slump now that spring has sprung (again, in the west!) and new shows are already on air. Ugh, who says no to Jon Snow?!
  3. It’s summer now from where I hail.  I absolutely hate summer in the Philippines because believe me, it’s not all about vacations and bikinis and cold Kool-aid glasses, but it’s the opposite. So incredibly uncomfortable! Just merely sitting around would make you sweat buckets. No kidding! Anyway, because the summer season’s up, this translates to hitting the beach again. I usually blog on weekends but since the sun blazes us with its high and might power, the beach (or any refreshing body of water) is the place to be. That’s our own version of hibernation.


  4. I didn’t realize April will be this busy! Aside from life engagements, I partook into several “affiliations” in the book blogosphere as well that I have so much on my plate right now. I am a part of a book club (Fanboy Book Club), I joined a blog tour (Unscripted Joss Byrd by Lygia Day Penaflor), and I am to beta read a fantastic YA fantasy novel, Dreamweaver. I have no regrets in joining any of these. It’s just that time isn’t on my side right now. I hate to not keep up with my commitments with these people so I have to drop blogging first and prioritize them instead.


  1. (I think) I will have more time to blog hop. Don’t feel crept out if I comment back on your post dated eons ago. There’s going to be loads of stalking while my blog is on rest!
  2. (Looks like) I will be more active on Twitter. It’s been a while since I participated on a twitter chat so I think I might be on some of those often. Speaking of which, I’m hosting a chat for the Fanboy Book Club about The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater at the end of this month. There’ll be new friends to  meet, new ideas to share, and a giveaway *wink*. I hope you can join #shamelessplugging


  3. As abovementioned, I am a part of a blog tour. I will be posting a review of Unscripted Joss Byrd by Lygia Day Penaflor this weekend. There might be random posts popping in on this blog as well on the coming days which are dependent on the weight of my schedule (…and if the Top 10 Tuesday topic is interesting). So technically, I (might) not be completely absent from my blog.

Anyway, ciao for now!



  1. Ah yes I feel you with the busy life. I’ve heard that audio books are good if you are driving lots, and that might make traffic less tedious. I’ve never tried them but loads of people love them!


    • I tried audio books before but I guess, if you’re not the listening sort of person (like me) who prefers the written text more, it doesn’t work much. I had to replay a couple of times to check what happened. Haha! But that you for that advice though, Emma 😀

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      • No problem, I feel like that would happen to me too if I read audiobooks, I’ll have to try them out to be sure though.


  2. Aww, I miss you a lot Trisha, but I get that you’re exhausted, between work, and summer being so, so hot where you are… But I’m glad to hear you’ll be on Twitter again and everything, I’ll try and join the chat if I can 🙂 Take care of yourself, sending you lots of hugs ❤


    • Awww thank you so much Marie! I will have more time though to check out other people’s blog posts so you might see me liking/commenting on your old posts like a creepy stalker. LOL.

      And yay! I hope you can join the chat! Time differences are just crazy though so I understand if you can’t. See you around! *hugs back* 😀

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  3. Ahh, Trisha, that’s completely fine! When I heard about how you got up at 4….I was always so scared – bc that’s so early to wake up! But yeah- just make sure that everything in your life is fine for you – that you’re happy – and if taking an indefinite hiatus helps you – then go for it! 😀 I can’t wait to see you back on The Bookgasm…but having you around on Twitter and bloghopping is still really good! 😀 Better than nothing, right?


    • Ugh yes! I sometime feel like I have just closed my eyes and then here goes my alarm demanding me to get up already. Haha! I am hoping to transfer near my workplace though soon.

      And awww thank you for supporting this hiatus, Geraldine! I will have more time to check out your blog posts and of course to see my Twitter feed. I have been a bad follower recently. Haha!


  4. Trisha, take all the time you need! Take care of yourself, read some books while tanning, and get lots of rest.
    While you are gone I’ll read as many of your posts as I can (so be prepared for likes and some comments haha).
    Maybe I’ll drop in on Twitter to see what’s happening.
    See you when you come back!


    • Thank you so so much! Reading books while tanning? Sounds very exciting! I always bring books when I go to the beach. An alternative reading place gives me much more motivation to read.

      LOL feel free to stalk my blog! I will likewise use my time off to check out other blogs so you better prepare as well. Hahaha! See you! 😀

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      • Looking forward to it! Got to get more posts up haha. I’m trying to find my groove on posting and it’s trial and error.


  5. You’re not alone on the hiatus board, Ate. April has been blessing me with a lot of workload as well. But it still warms my heart when you said that thing about FBC ❤ I feel the heat, too. Because I go to school even if it's the summer (trisem). I hate our summer so much. It's so hot, I'm melting 😦 Anyways, let's beat the heat together and be as progressive as we can be. 😀


  6. See you on the other side, Trisha! Reading Slump coupled with a Blogging Slump is like a virus rampaging these days, I am likewise inflicted lol. Anyway, GOOD LUCK with your job and beating the heat this summer <333


  7. 3 posts a week is definitely a good schedule – there’s no bubble to burst here, Trisha! And it’s crazy to wake up at four in the morning, me being a total night owl. Go you for doing that every day, what a major inspiration.

    Also hoping that your reading slump ends soon – I know how frustrating those can be, and I’m super excited to chat with you more on Twitter and also join the #FBCYA chat (provided that my schedule lines up at that time)! I’m also planning to be more active there in the coming weeks. 🙂


  8. Oof, your work situation sounds rough. Can’t blame you for putting blogging on the back burner. Hope you survive the hot summer, and find a way out of your reading slump soon-ish! =)


  9. Work in a Japanese company as well so I kind of know what you’re talking about. Go you for still commiting to FBCYA and blog tour while being super busy.
    Ahh I might need to take an officiql hiatus as well. I haven’t finished a single book this month *sigh* and have only posted twice. See you on twitter though! Cannot wait for the chat. 🙂


  10. *hugs* Like I said, you are the hero(ine) that Gotham needs (for waking up at 4am)!
    I feel you though. Ever since returning to 5 days a week, as well as volunteering on the weekends, blogging can feel like a chore sometimes. And I’m struggling to find reading time! Blehhhh. XD

    But, I completely support your hiatus – you gotta do what you gotta do! I may take one myself soon because I’m going on holiday and I really don’t want to be spending my holiday time maintaining my blog. D: But until then, I hope we can talk more on Twitter or something; I MISS YOU, TRISHA.


  11. Okay, so I feel so bad that I missed this when it was originally posted, omg. But I knew you were taking a hiatus (since we’re hiatus sisters, haha). I’ve made my return to the blogosphere though since I’m on my summer break from school. And omg, you hate summer? 😉 Just kidding, I totally understand. It gets scorching hot over here but usually I associate the season with school being over so I’m not complaining however irritating the weather is. Also your slump is 5 books?? A good month for me is 5 books. XD But anyway, I hope you’re doing well, Trisha! I hope to continue to see and talk to you on our other social media accounts (probably not Twitter since I’ve sort of given up updating mine, lol).


  12. I’m a month late, sorry! I agree with your hiatus, I just came back from a really long one! 🙂 Hope you didn’t completely forget about me! 😛 Hopefully one day you come back when life becomes easier to control! And seriously girl 5 books? I mean if I’m THAT motivated maybe 3, but anyways hope you have a well rested and deserved hiatus! Hope you don’t mind if I continuously spam you with tags :P!


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