Top 10 Tuesday #12: Characters I Loved But Others Didn’t


Happy Tuesday, Booknerdigans!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme created by the ladies over at the Broke and the Bookish. This features all things book-related that one considers as personal best.

T10T (2)

This week’s topic is about CHARACTERS I LOVED BUT OTHERS DIDN’T or the other way around. I chose the former since I noticed my TTT posts are exploding with so much negativity and hatred on books lately. My blog could use a little enthusiasm.

I’m featuring villains or “semi-villains” that many loathed. I loved these characters either because beneath the dark veil are their clean intentions or they’re just innately fantastic. 


If there’s one thing I excel at, it’s laziness and nope, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I am changing my T10T template to this so that every week, I just have to change the contents and hit that glorious post button. Now, isn’t that smart?! 



NOTE: Credits to the creators of fanarts of The Magister, The Darkling, and Sebastian Verlac

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  1. AHAHA LAZINESS FTW, Trisha!! 😀
    I definitely get Camilla – I see her as more of a woman that’s stuck in her own circumstances, and it’s hard for her! I especially loved how Me Before You had a chapter or so, told in her perspective, because it really brought out her character for me!
    Great list – I wouldn’t say I liked those two villains in TMI and TID – but I absolutely loved Sebastian – for me, that ending with him was perfect ❤


  2. Hahaha, I love that you’re admitting on being lazy, I am too, but I hate admitting it, hahaha :p This is a great list, but I barely read any book on here, I feel ashamed a bit, haha. I really want to read Me Before You, though, but I feel like I’m going to cry, I KNOW I will, haha.


  3. Jeanine was an interesting character, I just personally hated her. But I honestly hated Caleb A LOT more, even though I’m sure Jeanine might have had some sort of influence on him. I can see why you included Voldemort, he’s another complicated villain. Ugh, I thought Mrs. Whittier was the freaking worst for doing what she did. I did get where she came from, it still pissed me off a ridiculous amount though haha.


  4. I like the emphasis on positivity in your post (even though you talked about villains). I kept my TTT post positive today too and listed female characters I love 🙂


  5. I LOOOOOOVE Cersei and Sebastian, both for very different reasons! Cersei is so complex – I hate her, but I fully understand her, and that’s just the beauty of Martin’s characters. Sebastian, on the other hand, was so fully twisted and sociopathic, and it just worked.
    Great post, Trisha! I really like your layout. 🙂


  6. YES. I love Cersei Lannister so much. She’s one of my honest to God favorites from that series. Also, no shame in being lazy especially when your graphic is gorgeous!

    My TTT


  7. Having followed The Bookgasm for some time now, I am not really surprised with this list. XD You know I love the Darkling! Though I don’t really see him as a romantic interest in the series. And it makes me so happy to see Sebastian on here. I admit he’s callous but I really loved him out of pity…


    • Ahh yes! I know you ship the Darkling with yourself and I fully support that! 😀 When I finished City of Heavenly Fire, I kinda wished the moments when Sebastian was good were a little longer. But well, maybe Cassie didn’t want people to feel too attached to the villain so he has to kill him off right after the repentance. Haha! 😀


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