SEASON FEATURE #1: When Dating a Bookworm


Wonderful people of the book blogosphere, I feel ever delighted to introduce you to a brand new shtick on The Bookgasm, the SEASON FEATURE. In these posts, I will talk about books and whatnot related to the season on hand.

And since February is a love month, it is just apt to talk about book-related stuff in connection to Valentine’s.

When Dating a Bookworm

Trying to come up with something to talk about is a struggle. I feel like every single Valentine topic has been exhausted already in other blogs. The idea hit me while reading a not-so-good-book-because-I-get-distracted book on a coffee shop one time. A few couples were dating (and snuggling) in front of me and I wonder how dating a bookworm is dated. Some imaginary light bulb lit up – left or right, can’t remember – and BAM!, there went my topic!

I’ll talk about some etiquette to observe when dating a bookworm. Surely, you have some preconceived notions about them. Admit it… or admit it, you are stereotyping them in some ways. While there may be some grain of truth to these, it’s not apt to box them in such definition.


DISCLAIMER: My thoughts here are solely my own and these don’t represent the book community’s.

1. Be careful in choosing the venue.

Bookworms are jetsetters. They have voyaged across the ends of the earth, the depths of the sea, and the expanse of the universe through reading. Seriously, they’ve literally been to anywhere the mind can come up with. I highly suggest you level up your game but sometimes, the simplest ones do wonders, yeah?

2. Do not say “I love you” on the first date.

Um, thanks for being sweet, honey, but ugh please! They’ve had enough insta-love from books of nowadays. Do them a favor and spare them the torture. Do that and I’m betting he/she will either roll her eyes out or he/she will laugh it off.


3. Draft your love letters really well.

Bookworms swooned and wept over the best love letters from their book boyfriends/girlfriends. Savannah Lynn Curtis (Dear John by Nicholas Sparks) nailed it on this department and boy, don’t get me started on Will Traynor’s letter (Me Before You by Jojo Moyes)! Be honest and transparent. They’ll know if you’re trying to win them out of plagiarism. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


4. Brace yourself for some series of adultery.

Looking for someone with utmost loyalty? Well, you knocked at the wrong door. Bookworms have a string of infatuation from one book personality to another. It can be worse. It’s highly likely books can give them someone who would control their universe. Don’t get devoured by your jealousy. It’s a nature.


5. Befriend Goodreads.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re planning on giving him/her a book for Valentine’s. There’s a fat chance it will be immensely appreciated but dude, please go the extra mile and check if he/she has read that or not. Goodreads will be your best pal.


6. If he/she’s a book blogger, he/she has right to privacy.

So you learned there’s an existing book blog. If your date doesn’t push for it to be talked about, don’t make the move to. Book blogs are personal cyber spaces. While it is naturally a goal for one to express and be heard, not all bloggers welcome the idea of undressing what they blurted out on the blogosphere in front of “physical” people. Privacy is a right.

7. Remember, he/she’s NOT JUST a bookworm.

I repeat. Don’t box bookworms into being just bookworms. People have multiple interests, in case you haven’t heard. They might be into books a lot and they can practically rattle on and on about it for forever but it won’t hurt to bring up another topic. Note that you’re dating a normal human being who just happened to have a huge inclination to reading. You might be surprised he/she’s a Taekwondo master or a brilliant entomologist. 


If you’re in this game, good luck to you, human.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!




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  1. This is such an awesome post. Now, I’ll just be casually printing this to hand out to all potential significant others.


  2. WOW this is fantastic!
    I laughed so hard at that GIF of Winston – he always makes me laugh :’) BUT the point you made IS SO TRUE – we’re all so done with instalove!
    And I love how you mentioned about the right to privacy if they’re a book blogger – I know I would hate it if anyone I dated tried to analyse stuff I said on my blog >.>
    ❤ Amazing list, Trisha Ann! Very unique 🙂


  3. haha love this post Trisha! So true! Beware of insta-loveeee. The opposite is true with me regarding my bookworming ways, I wish everyone knows I’m a bookworm so they can gift me all the books. It’s a win-win situation, yes? XD Hope you have a happy Valentine’s day!
    btw, do you NetGalley? I think I read on a comment you wrote on Summer’s blog that you are looking for Wolf By Wolf, and I think it’s up for request on the site 😀


    • Haha! That’s one reason why I say I’m a bookworm too, so they’d stop asking what I want for my birthday or Christmas. But well, I’m always thankful for the gifts but I wish they know Goodreads exist for a reason too. LOL

      Thank you for telling me about Wolf by Wolf. Unfortunately, only those from UK can access it according to my site 😦

      My Valentine’s an ordinary Sunday. Haha! I hope you had a great one with your family 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know, I hate the summer season in the PHL, it’s suffocating and when it rains…ugh, the struggle! But since experiencing this cold I learned to appreciate sunshine, lol. Oooh maybe a trip to Japan during the winter is in order? 😀


    • Insta-love in books can be sweet (or annoying) and it always has a fairy tale ending but I highly doubt if that’s how it will end up in real life. Haha! X’D Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, love 😀 ❤


  4. I’ve never been in a relationship, which is kind of embarrassing to admit since I’m sort of young-old (not old but not really young either), but I so agree with all these points and would apply them if I was in one-especially the last two. We need our space and we’re not just bookworms. We have other hobbies and lives. It would be ideal if the guy I dated liked reading too-not necessarily what I read but it would be great if we had similar taste so we can combine our libraries. 😉 Looking forward to the rest of this series, Trisha! ❤ Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day with all your loved ones and friends. 😀


    • To be in honest, I’ve never been in a relationship as well. While I enjoy my single life and the freedom that goes with it, I feel the pressure as I get older. Haha!

      Ahh that’s a good picture! The lovely thing about having a boyfriend that’s into books too is you can read what he reads that aren’t usually your genre.

      Thanks Summer! My Valentine’s Day was just an ordinary Sunday. Haha! Hope yoh had fun with your dad and friends 😀


  5. I should definitely give a link to my Goodreads profile to anyone who ever dares to buy me books (they often fall short when they’re trying to make me happy, like just because it’s made of paper I’ll obviously like it – that’s not how it works !). And yes ! We’re more than just books ! People tend to forget.


    • LOL I like the “not bc it’s made of paper” part because that is so true! I remember someone giving me a book that’s not so good I had to fake my excitement 😛 Goodreads is there for a reason 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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