Top 10 Tuesday #9: Best Ancient/Futuristic Book Settings


Happy Tuesday, Booknerdigans!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme created by the ladies over at the Broke and the Bookish. This features all things book-related that one considers as personal best.


This week’s topic is about futuristic or historic books. 


Chicago Experiment – Divergent (Veronica Roth)

I don’t exactly know what the entire place is called but in Allegiant, it was called the Chicago Experiment so that explains it. Five factions each having their characteristic personalities, I’d love to witness it but please don’t sign me up on any of it. I’m just an eye from the outside, okay? … on second thought, maybe I’d like to live a day in Dauntless and try their mouth-watering chocolate cake. Hmm..



Capitol – The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

Let me clear things before proceeding to this. I have no intentions of assimilating the values instilled among the high and mighty denizens of the Capitol. I just want to be there for the clothes. I mean, it’s like an everyday-Fashion-Week, Project-Runway-right-before-your-eyes kind of thing.



Winterfell – A Song of Ice and Fire (GRRM)winterfell

I came from a tropical country where snow was last felt during the Ice Age. So please excuse my juvenile enthusiasm on the idea of winter.





Blackfriars Bridge – The Infernal Devices (Cassandra Clare)original

Remember this place where one of the oldest couples of Paranormal/ Fantasy YA-dom meet every year? As a hard-core TID fan, I actually YouTubed a lot of videos related to the Victorian London. Not the best era, I guess but my curiosity knows no filth.

And oh look! A fan just posted that very event from the book on this bridge!



New Beijing – The Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer)

I just started reading this book over the weekend and while my knowledge on it is still scarce, still an overview, I think it’s how I imagine China to be. Filled with hustles and bustles from people… and automaton. Yup! Humans with gears and clinking metals on their anatomy. That’s what interested me more. 




Community of Sameness – The Giver (Lois Lowry)

DISCLAIMER: I don’t exactly know how to call this place but the concept is Sameness and it’s a community so I made that one up. 

This is a utopian/dystopian society where all sorts of feelings – extreme happiness, anguish, grief, etc. – are eradicated. Everyone’s amount of emotions are leveled. 



Post-Civil War US – Unwind Trilogy (Neal Shusterman)

This one’s a horrible dystopian (aren’t all supposed to be?) but not far from realization. Parents with ill-behaved children are given the option to have them unwound. And I mean it literally. It’s the worse version of abortion in that, the victim is aware he/she’s fated to a slaughterhouse, arms and limbs harvested.




Portland, Maine – Delirium Trilogy (Lauren Oliver)

A world where the concept of love is unheard of? Can’t imagine such but Lauren Oliver told it all in this trilogy. Horrible thought but what makes it even more is that the current world we live in is just somewhere close to resemblance. 




Himmel Street, Molching – The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)00349484339054589400

My apparent love for historical places and my fathomless curiosity on the culture then won’t forgive myself if I don’t include something from the Nazi eon. I’ve watched Schindler’s List and many other Nazi-related films and it broke me but I stay tuned ’til the end. Masochism is my other religion. I’d like to see how Liezl lived her life in bright hues, witness what kind of games she and her playmates engaged at, and a lot more about life then. 



Maycomb County – To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)

The prejudice against black now is no longer as conspicuous as it was before.. or I could be wrong. (I’m Asian and there’s not much color discrimination from where I hail so my only reference is the media) I want to go back to this time in Maycomb County and see how the scars were made. Oftentimes, going back to the past is the way steer the future clear.

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  1. Such a great list! The Capitol and Chicago from Divergent would be two awful places to go to…But I’d love to Watch from afar, haha. And yes to Delirium. This society sounds CRAZY, it’s awful, yet you’re right, there are some resemblance…I don’t like that, at all!


  2. The Capitol is definitely vibrant in a fashion sense. I couldn’t even keep up with the trends cause they probably change every week haha. Oh, The Book Thief. My heart hurts every time I think about that beautiful book.


  3. I looove this post! I went with futuristic settings for my TTT but a few of our books overlap, and I can just see how the rest of your choices fit in with my topic. 🙂

    The blurb you gave for Unwind is super scary and terrible, but I love scary and terrible dystopian fiction. Feels like it’s meant to be that way!


  4. Though I wasn’t a huge fan of Cinder when I read it years ago, I second that the setting is intriguing with some cool Asian fusion stuff all the while being like modern China. AND YES to the curiosity for Blackfriars bridge! I actually googled it too. I remember thinking it looked a lot less romantic than I was expecting, lol. XD


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