Chronicles at Hogwarts: Epilogue


storymashupfinal1451797287462Man, I can’t believe January’s over! I’m still belching what I ate from last New Year’s dinner. Where has the time flown?

On another note, The Story Mash Up, which had been on the run since December of last year is already concluding. For those unaware, this is a collaborative, Harry Potter-themed story writing activity involving bloggers (namely Ash, Eve, Michelle, Joan, Vineeth, Kaycee, and me) who took turn into writing their pieces in accordance to what the previous wrote about. The theme is Harry Potter. What do you expect?! We’re forever a Potterhead!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is an original story authored by J.K. Rowling. Some characters and references present on this story are originally ours while some are credited to her.

There are a total of seven chapters. You can look them up here:

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Chapter 5: Percy Ash @ Teabears & Co
Chapter 6: Dalton Vineeth @ The Lousy Design
hapter 7: Ashley Kaycee K


The dawn started to break. It was still chilly but the sky made it clear that the sun’s glory was ready to envelope the atmosphere.

Yokito was in a complete daze as he recounted the events of last night. He couldn’t fathom how in a span of less than a day, his total self evolved from a little twit of a spy to a complete traitor from his first loyalty.

Yokito was thinking these through as the group marched back to the castle ready to face the headmaster. There were butterflies squirming on his tummy. He tried easing his anxiety by thinking of the Studio Ghibli films on his laptop which he snuck at Hogwarts through his mom who transfigured it into a book. But alas, this definitely wasn’t therapeutic.


The headmaster’s punishment was clear. Yokito, Ashley, and the rest of the group were in detention. His, though, was of slight weight relative to the others. His parents had been informed of his misdemeanor which explained the humiliating howler from them a little after leaving the headmaster’s chamber.

His mom, Cho Chang, was hollering across the hall.

“Yokitori Watanabe. I. AM. GREATLY. DISAPPOINTED. Ididn’tsendyoutoHogwartstofoolaroundandgetyourselfintrouble!  IspentsevenyearsthereandnotoncedidIdoanythinthatcompromisedmyrecord! What were you thinking? You better explain yourself, young man!”

His face was flushed with embarrassment, certain the group heard everything.

“I have never witnessed Cho Chang as unladylike as that. Tell you what, that was a complete lie on her record.”, Dalton said in between laughter, eyes tearing out from excessive chuckling

“You knew my mom?” Yokito asked, traces of previous humiliation quickly gone.

“Long story, kid. Best told over a booze”

Yokito knotted his forehead. He suspected something from Dalton’s words but he shrugged the thought away. “Tell me how you knew I’m snooping on them.”

From his few encounters with Dalton, Yokito knew this is a pointless request. But was that a budding interest he just saw from his face?

Then Dalton started babbling..


Yokito lay sprawled on his four-poster bed. He was staring through space and nothingness, Dalton’s words playing on loop on his mind.

He was a brilliant auror. Stoned and drunk, but brilliant. Despite his unappealing physical state, Dalton made Yokito consider being an actual auror himself.

Conundrums and mysteries, why not? Spying on people, this time’s failure is a good start, yeah? Living his favorite animes into realization, awesome! Sarcasm, he’s interested on a new language! He bet Dalton’s a good tutor.

Yokito was deeply immersed fathomless thoughts when the howler this morning pulled him out of it. He remembered his mom needed a response.


I’m terribly sorry and there’s no valid explanation to what I did. I thought about things over and over and tell you what, I have better plans in school now that doesn’t involve hunting trouble. I’ll make it up to you and dad. 


PS Tell me about Chase Dalton

With that post script, Yokito wasn’t sure whether that’s an innocent inquiry or a dig for a scoop. He hypothesized it’s more of the latter. Well, a student has to know his mentor, hasn’t he?


Alright, that’s it for Yokito. I would have elaborated more on Dalton but I’m not eloquent on sarcasm and I might ruin his awesome character. I’ll leave it all to the awesome, Vineeth!

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  1. Great epilogue Trisha! I love how Yokito is so in touch with anime and Studio Ghibli just like you (and me). I also love how he’s looking up to Dalton and regards him as his mentor 😀 Haha Cho Chang dear, we haven’t forgotten what you did to the DA! Tsk tsk.
    I hope we can do this again! I want to read more about Yoki and how he’d be like in a few years time 😀


  2. I love that Yokito’s mom transfigured his laptop into a book! Does this mean he can watch/read Studio Ghibli films whenever he wants? If so I’m jealous haha 😝 I love your epilogue and wish I could see more of Yoki’s character development! I love that he looks up to Dalton 😊 Also Cho’s Howler haha. Yeah you didn’t break any school rules did you, Cho 😉


  3. Ahhh Yokito. It’s so great he found his way back from whatever he got lost in. I love how he now looks up to Dalton and aspires to be just like him *grins* Also, that howler! I’m still laughing. So Dalton knew Cho Chang eh? *cackles* Ahhh I wish this project wasn’t over yet. I would love to know more about everyone’s characters. It’s been so great working with you guys on this project. THREE CHEERS FOR JOAN 😀 Here’s to working on many more in the near future *massive hugs all around*


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