Top 10 Tuesday #8: Best Bookstores in the World


Happy Tuesday, Booknerdigans!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme created by the ladies over at the Broke and the Bookish. This features all things book-related that one considers as personal best.


This week’s topic is whatever. LOL. But no seriously, it’s a freebie or something that’s close to the heart. I’m a bookworm, yes but I’m also a part-time travelling penguin so I’d like to incorporate those two. In the end, I came up to feature these bookstores all across the globe that are freaking amazeballs. I won’t give my last breath until I set foot on these marvels. My travel bucket list is getting fat again!

NOTE: Thank you to these useful websites – Skyscanner and Flavorwire – I used for reference for being such a great reservoir of happiness!


Libreria Acqua Alta – Venice, Italy

Not the most modern sort of bookstore you’d find blatantly. But oh my gosh, I hate getting grime and water on my feet but this is a dirty heaven I won’t mind going to. Something unique, yeah? Plus, i
t has a view across the famous Venetian canal which is fantastic. 



Atlantis Books – Santorini, Greece

Well, Santorini’s definitely a top must-visit place for me. (Ahh gimme all the salad!!). I learned just now about this ultra cool bookstore that gives a wonderful view atop the hill. This fresh concept is not a sheer store alone but also a majestic tourist spot.



Shakespeare and Co – Paris, France

You may say my grounds for including this is my biased preference for this lovely city but no.. well, that’s one I guess. I just love the beauty this chaotic setting evokes. Something about the deliberate untidy manner of stacking books and the narrow hallways make it look beautifully archaic.


Bart’s Books – California, USA

I don’t usually like staying out and getting a sun-kissed effect while at it (oh please, I’ve had enough sunlight, okay?) but this bookstore is just calling me! I love the outdoor, homey, I-want-to-have-brunch-here aura this place has. 



Words on the Water – London, UK

FLOATING BOOKSTORE??! YES PLEASE! From my research, this travels between Camden Lock and London Paddington. This is also known as London’s Bookbarge. They have events every now and then and when you’re in a luck with the weather, it may dock somewhere and the passengers can get a good nap at the lakeshore while reading. 



Books Actually – Singapore

OMGTHISISSOFLUFFYIMGONNADIEEEE! I bet I’d go out of this book with my wallet weeping! Look at those trinkets. They’re practically flashing me those big Bambi eyes that allured me to buy them! 



Plural Bookshop – Bratislava, Slovakia

I love bookstores with couches that allow one to read at her/his own freedom. But this one from Slovakia exaggerated the liberty to read. These wide staircases let one to sprawl freely, lie on stomach, sit with legs hooked above the head, or whatever! 



Livraria Lelo – Porto, Portugal

More than the books, I fell greatly in love with the architecture. This intricate loop of stairs is so stately it could throw the perfect drama for a grand entrance. (On a side note, am I wrong to say this resembles a casino house?) 



Cook and Book – Brussels, Belgium

I love cosmos-themed environment and this bookstore just did it.. well, at least in my opinion, I think it did. I personally agree on the idea of books having to be treated like a pet well taken care of so suspending books like this, I wouldn’t do even in my nightmare.But hey, this created the perfect planetarium setting. 



Daikanyama T-Site – Tokyo, Japan

Of course, I have to feature a bookstore from my favorite country in the world (aside from my beloved Philippines). Everything about this screams modern. I love getting cozy with my books but this is a nice alternative if I’m all glammed up for work and I’m opting for a more formal environment. Oh an I bet, mangas here wouldn’t cost much of a fortune! 



 But wait! Here’s one more from my country!

Fully Booked – Manila, Philippines

Let me feature a fantastic bookstore in my country that has five floors with wide a hundred book cases. Everyone who went there is struck in awe seeing this huge stack of books as shown on the picture below. Bookshelf goals!


Have you ever gone to these bookstores yet?


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  1. AH THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I already went to Shakespeare&Co, and it’s just…well there are books, literally, EVERYWHERE, and that’s just amazing. Plus, right outside there’s the Seine and Notre Dame, the setting is gorgeous,too!! I need to add all of the other bookstores in my wishlist. Thank you for this!!


  2. Take me to Santorini. Actually, just take me to all of these fabulous bookstores. They’re all so crafty and creative and are in a beautiful setting. I would jump at the chance to go on a world tour of beautiful bookstores haha.


  3. You should visit the Library of Birmingham if your ever in the UK. The Building is really beautiful. A few google searches will show you. Anyway, it would be so awesome if all of us book bloggers/lovers could go on a around the world trip to all of these destinations.


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shakespeare and Co as well as Books Actually! They look AMAZING! *heart eyes* Have you ever heard/been to Kinokuniya?? I went to one in Singapore I think, and it WAS HUGE and LOTS OF BOOKS and that’s pretty much my favourite bookstore! Fantastic list – I want to visit all of them now!! Why don’t I have my own TARDIS?? *rages at the world*


  5. Ah, this is the coolest thing ever, Trisha! I’ve only visited the bookstores around me or the usual big companies like Books a Million and Barnes & Noble over here. But these places sound so uber cool. ❤ They should make a destination where they emulate a grand library that's similar to Beauty and the Beast. I'd totally make that trip, for sure! 😉


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