Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag!

It’s more or less, a fortnight to go before Christmas! In my country, holiday countdown starts as early as September (when the “ber” months kick in). We are so raving about this season like cray, I know! I partly loathe it when the streets get into a huge traffic mess and malls get full to the gunwales during this season. But hey, that’s just it! I’m not being a Christmas grinch or whatever.

Let’s get add some holiday vibes to this endless abyss of book tags, shall we? I was tagged by Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide to Novels to do the Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag. She’s the very proponent of this awesome Christmas tag. Thank you, lovely!



1. Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree

I know I’m nowhere near the exact good girl in Santa’s very lofty standards of rectitude but well, I’d still like to see the illustrated version of HP under the tree with my name on it. Be my Santa, please?


2. A book you’ll be reading this Christmas season

My holidays are pretty pumped up. I work in an industry where Christmas is just terribly crazy. Reading is definitely a luxury. I’m not promising myself to read a lot this month but these are on my “urgent TBR”.

3. Favourite Christmas movie

I have to agree with Astra’s entry here. Home Alone is just the best Christmas movie. I memorize like some of the lines there as a kid. Why couldn’t McCaulay Culkin stay as adorably cute as that?!



Let’s be fair to TV shows. I love Christmassy episodes on TV, the most remarkable being How I Met Your Mother’s “The Final Page”. Well it’s obvious Barney being into Patrice was all for a show but the way he won Robin back is just ssssmaaart.

The Final Page, Part One And Two
“The Final Page, Part One And Two” — After years of uncertainty of where their relationship is going, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) pops the question to Robin (Cobie Smulders) and she said yes on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Dec. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/Fox ©2012 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved.

4. Do you like snow?

TRUTH TIME! Snow is a stranger for me. I completely marvel on people who stick their tongue out to catch a snowflake. Isn’t that unsanitary? LOL. Well I wouldn’t know, would I? My oriental skin hasn’t ever experienced winter yet so my relationship with it is still undefined.


5. Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas day with

The Weasleys except Percy because we all need a good laugh during the holidays. If I’m lucky, I could score a knitted sweater from Mrs. Weasley!

Not on their most welcoming faces but still.

6. To give or to receive?

Well, I don’t think giving and receiving are two ends of a spectrum. It’s like a cycle technically. Giving is receiving and receiving is giving. Once you give happiness, stuff, or whatnot to someone, you likewise receive a sense of accomplishment or purpose within. Receiving goes vice versa. Let’s coin this as RECEIGIVE. 

7. What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?

I spend Christmas with my family ONLY.That’s non-negotiable. But yeah, I’m welcome to the idea of setting foot to fictional places pre-Christmas!

If my nose isn’t stuck on a book, I go nuts over shopping. but I prefer to keep to myself at most times when I do so. This is one of the things I look forward to during Christmas. My mantra: seize the opportunity to take advantage of the red tags! I can think of one fictional place to channel this shopping freak in me and that’s Hogsmeade!diagonalleychristmas2012

8. Fondest Christmas memory

Christmases for me are practically the same. Gift-giving with family, hear Christmas mass, give money to children (a Filipino custom) sharing sumptuous meal, etc. It’s been a routine but I don’t know, I still look forward to it anyway. 

9. Can you say Christmas tree ten times FAST in a row (pronouncing it correctly!)

Yeee… Nah. I’m saying it KISSMASCHI on the eighth onward. Damn!


Spread the Christmas spirit!

I’m tagging my most recent followers (who are book bloggers) , again a prospect to get to know them more!

Dearna @ Words of the Roses
Emily @ Emily Talks About Books
Heather @ Sassy Book Geek
Joan @ Fiddler Blue
Kelly @ Stellar Scrutiny Book Blog
Kim @ By Hook or By Book
Maan @ Pigeon Reads
Muggle Books
Traci @ Read Hot Reviews

Also adding to the list one of the most earnest accomplisher of book tags I know because I promise to tag him on Christmas-themed book tags!

Jesse @ Books at Dawn

Happy Holidays!

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    • My pleasure! I’m loving Simon so far. The rave on that one is intense! I can’t resist not knowing why! And yes! I hope Santa grants me my ultimate Christmas wish. It’s just freaking expensive XD


  1. Omgee you haven’t seen snow Trisha? I hope you get to experience it soon then!! It’s a pretty awesome thing to witness after years of not knowing what it’s like. (It doesn’t snow where I live either, I’ve seen it twice haha.) Also THAT Snow is also very nice to have too hehe.
    Simon v. The Homo Sapiens Agenda is a PERFECT holiday read! Sweet and fluffy – definitely something I’d pick up again over the winter.
    I like that word, receigive. May we all receigive gifts throughout this time of year! ❤


    • On my entire 23 years of existence, I haven’t! *cries* I really want to experience a White Christmas. I feel like I would lie on the ground for hours like a child if I see it the first time. Haha! But for now, Jon Snow will be my favorite snow 😀
      I have that feeling on Simon! People like it so much I’m sure that’s gotta stem from some valid feels about the book, yeah? I just started yesterday but I’m loving it so far. 🙂
      Haha yes! I hope you receigive the gifts you want, Aila! Happy holidays! 😀


  2. Home Alone is a Christmas classic! That and Elf! I don’t know why but I haven’t been seeing many Christmas movies on TV at the moment. Maybe I just keep missing them. Illustrated Edition of HP needs to be under my Christmas Tree! Thank you for doing my tag 🙂


    • Aghh I haven’t watched Elf yet! *makes mental note to self to watch it* You’re right! Some tv shows I follow haven’t put up Christmassy episodes yet.
      I badly want that HP too but it’s mighty expensive 😥 Thanks for creating this awesome tag! 🙂

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