BPC: Go Give These Blogs A Go!

Let’s get to the obvious: I’M LATE ON THIS POST AGAIN. Life outside blogging’s been pretty much a royal jerk lately demanding me to be at it practically 24/7. *deep sigh*

But hey let’s cut the negative crap and grace ourselves with some optimistic aura. I’m participating on the Blogger Positivity Campaign, an advocacy pledged to bequeath smile on your faces, initiated by Jillian @ Jillians Books.



BPC is already close to its conclusion. Before it wraps up, the last week is devoted in mentioning mentionable bloggers just for whatever reason. A fortnight ago, I’ve already mentioned my favorite blogs (check who here!)  so let’s spare this space for some others. 


There’s a ton to say about these bloggers but let me just give a snippet about them, an appetizer. Go click the links to their blog to savour the main course!

1. Windie @ Geek Apprentice – Doctor Windie is a thoughtful commentor slash html sorceress slash best virtual pal

2. Josie @ Josie’s Book Corner – Josie’s posts are like bread freshly baked daily, very innovative and new.

3. Jesse @ Books at Dawn – Jesse is a diligent daily blogger and when he babbles about love, we all go hopelessly romantic cray.

4. Aila @ One Way or an Author – Aila is a good spirit, a sunshine, and a fangirl soulmate wrapped in human epidermis.

6. Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard – Giselle writes reviews that will make you go like “Oh she’s right. Why haven’t I thought about that?”

7. Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts – Joey is an eloquent word machine whose blog is filled with wit but definitely no-nonsense.

8. Aentee @ Read at Midnight – Aentee is a GRAPHIC QUEEN. Scratch that. She’s a GRAPHIC GODDESS.

9. Dee @ The Bookish Khaleesi – Dee is not just the average YA virtual buddy, she’s also big on TV. There’s no running out of fangirling with her!


See you on  TWITTER @thebookgasm|  GOODREADS @ Trisha Ann



  1. TRISHA YOU SWEETHEART! 💓 You’re too kind! And also, the bloggers you mentioned are simply fabulous and I love them and their blogs to BITS. I feel overjoyed to be mentioned alongside them!


  2. OH MY!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!! My blog is included! I’m gonna DIE! hahah. Seriously, Trisha, your post made my day. Although I haven’t post a lot of bookish stuffs nowadays, I feel so honored to be included in the list. Thanks to frozen Butterbeer, I became a reliable witness to how awesome and sweet you are! Thanks Trisha! ❤


  3. Great list! Honestly, we need so much more blogger positivity, especially lately with all the catfishing craziness going on lately. Thanks for being a part of #spreadthelove! 🙂 ❤


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