Let’s Write A Story Together!

Are you..

  • a  passionate writer
  • enthusiastic about fan fiction/ spin off writing
  • a Potterhead? The magic still doesn’t wear off, yeah?
  • not into writing but just wants to continue your HP childhood?

Then join the club! Joan @ Fiddler Blue initiated a collaborative story writing activity on what happened after Harry Potter 7 concluded. That’s 17 years from The Battle at Hogwarts! We’re here to create brand new characters. We’re free to make them fail in class, catch the snitch, eat as many Pukin Pastilles, Stupefy someone or just whatever. It’s in our hands! Are you getting sold now?

What’s more fun is, each week, a participant posts a story using his/her character’s POV and another will add to that story the next week using his/her own person. This is a venue to showcase your innovativeness, widen your imagination, and prepare your heart and mind for what writers lay before you.


Source: Let’s Write A Story Together!


  1. THIS IS SOOO COOL TRISHA!! Are you going to be sharing your works – maybe small snippets?? ^w^ – on your blog?
    But I love this idea. At the height of my HP fangirling, I imagined myself as a student at Hogwarts, doing silly things and magic and just HGNHH!!


    • IKR?! Joan’s a genius! We are posting them on our blog weekly 😀
      I have a lot of ideas for my character now but gah it’s so hard to choose a house!! But hey if you’re interested and you have the time (what with all the holiday stuff and your birthday coming up..), feel free to join, CW! 😀

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