Spotlight Saturday #4: La La La La La

w iHappy Saturday, booknerdigans!

I missed out on two weekends for Spotlight Saturday. That’s pretty much because I’m occupied with a lot of, what I always call, “life requirements”. But since my country’s celebrating a holiday now, it’s a long weekend party for my lazy self! Woohoo!

Spotlight Saturday

Spotlight Saturday is a weekly feature, created by Josie at Josie’s Book Corner, dedicated to spotlighting and pinpointing some of the things over the week that have caught my attention more than usual, things I’ve particularly loved, etc. 


Spotlighted Blogger

You guys probably recognize who I’m spotlighting now as she’s an active netizen of the book blogosphere and that’s *drum roll* Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books. If my memory doesn’t fail me, Marie is one of the first few blogs I’ve followed when I started The Bookgasm (though I’m guilty of just backtracking on posts since I’m not here 24/7). I like how she writes book reviews in  a way that she finds points other reviewers, including me, fail to see. And oh, did I tell you she lives in France, that place every non-Europeans aspire to reach? Yes she does! Being a sucker for travel-related stuff, her posts on her wanderings around the continent are my favorites. So guys, I urge you to check her blog out now!


Spotlighted Blog Post

I’ve mentioned before that “organized mess” is my philosophy but while I’m the biggest testimony to this, I still aim for that everything-in-order kind of system in me. Thanks to Josie, the proponent of this meme, for sharing tips on how to make life stress-free by becoming an organized human. Guys, this is her secret to being a daily blogger, valedictorian, and life conqueror all at once! On her post, The Beauty of Being an Organized Human, she talked about it being an art which is quite appealing for non-neat freaks like me. I like how she marketed it as more of a channel of creativity and less as a boring task.


Spotlighted Book

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I finally succumbed to the hype! I was waiting for it to die down at least a little and voila, here I am reading All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, the book that promises to tug at the heartstrings.

CURRENT FEELS: Finch is so witty and funny and adorable and sweet altogether! This guy’s nailing it.

But before I read All the Bright Places, I geared myself up for trying to get on to it without ever thinking about others’ perspective on this.

MESSAGE TO SELF: “No pressure, Trisha! If you didn’t cry, it’s okay! If you like it, it’s also fine! Don’t let others’ review cloud your judgment on this!”


Spotlighted Moment

sam-smithYou guys, this is what I was swamped into last week. SAM SMITH WAS IN MANILA! Actually, his concert was months late already as he was supposed to be here last May for his tour, The Lonely Hour. But unfortunately, his throat didn’t cooperate forcing him to postpone his tour and head back home early to recuperate. But woohoo, we’re lucky to have been graced by a Sam Smith concert last week! The long wait and delay was worth it! I was in a dreamy major fangirl state then I can’t even! Sam has this icy cool voice that elicits the exact emotions on his song. *sigh* Please be back soon, okay?


Spotlighted App

mzl-kicmobxd-320x480-75I just downloaded this ultra cool, game-for-the-brainy-and-the-fast app called 94 seconds. For every category and letter flashed, you have to think of a word that satisfies both. The goal is to answer as many as possible in 94 seconds. I’m a brain game junkie and this one’s currently my obsession. Quite an addicting game but well, I must say, not good enough to be a constant app on my phone. For temporary pleasure? Perfect!



Spotlighted Music

sam_smith_in_the_lonely_hourThis kiddo here can’t get enough of Sam so yup, you guessed it right! I’m spotlighting all of his songs In the Lonely Hour. The lyrics are just heartfelt and gripping. His voice gives more static to it. My recent favorite is La La La which was originally in Naughty Boy’s album. This isn’t a new song, I know but it’s only now that I appreciate it’s inner sense.

I’m covering my ears like a kid
When your words mean nothing, I go la la la
I’m turning up the volume when you speak
‘Cause if my heart can’t stop it,
I’ll find a way to block it, I go


Spotlighted Quote
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetI’m in a state of admiring 80’s and badass Finch his quote deserves my spotlight:

“I learned that there is good in this world, if you look around enough for it. I learned that not everyone is disappointing, including me, and that a 1257-foot bump in the ground can feel higher than a bell tower if you’re standing next to the right person”

Theodore Finch, All the Bright Places

Life isn’t all about the uglies and the bads. Our outlook on it plays a huge factor in setting the hues of a situation. Now that’s something positive to ponder on!


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  1. I totally forgot about All the Bright Places. Thank you for reminding me that I need to read it. I remembered reading the first chapter, but I put it down because I wasn’t in the mood (to cry LOL). But that quote is positively beautiful. ❤


  2. Wow, thank you so much for featuring me in this post, Trisha!! You’re the sweetest! ❤ I think you were one of the first person to follow my blog, too, and I'm forever thankful for talking with you and sharing about books always! 😀 It's so funny you mentioned the exploration posts, I've been meaning to do more, hopefully soon!! 😀
    I'm SO happy you're reading All the Bright Places, and I hope you enjoy it! I get what you mean, it's hard not to let others cloud your judgment on books, especially when they're so hyped! 🙂 And, Sam Smith?! Love him!! 😀


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