Top 10 Tuesday #2: 10 Things About Book Blogging I’m Grateful For

Happy Tuesday, Booknerdigans!

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly book meme created by the ladies over at the Broke and the Bookish.This is almost a standard book meme for a very book blogger but like what I said, I’m joining the ride just now.  Yup, I’m a rookie to this club  so feel free to be critics of my work!

Top 5 Wednesday

This week’s topic is a “freebie with reservations”. Post anything related to stuff you’re thankful for. I’m opting for STUFF I GAINED FROM BOOK BLOGGING I’m grateful for.

1. Awesome never-heard-before books and authorsi

Back when times were ancient and dinosaurs roam the earth, I used to rely on what l bookstores declare as bestsellers. No seriously the likes of Sarah Dessen, Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J. Maas, etc. are strangers to me. Then came the contemporary ages aka my blog’s birth. Top 10 Tuesday and other book memes and book tags became my ultimate go-to figures for book and author recs. Along with Goodreads. Thanks to blogging, my reading selections grew diverse!


2. Writing skill enhancement

Believe it or not, starting a blog enhances writing knack. Between my first posts on this blog and the current ones? Gigantic differences there I tell you. Structure- and construction-wise, the changes are blatant. I know I a have long mile yet to cover but I marvel at how much my word playing developed.

In honor of Finding Dory which will be released by Disney next year!


3. Book discussion posts

Other than my sister, there’s no one within the 1-kilometer radius of my social circle who shares bookish rants and throw critical bookish thoughts with me. Join the club if the book blogosphere is that entity that does the job for you.


4. Graphic-making for dummies

I won’t give you the wrong impression of mistaking me as a pro on this. I suck tbh and.. that’s prolly what I’m good at lol. This is for those who are incredibly good at this sport. Extra thank you points for bloggers sharing the apps/software/magic spell/mysterious potions they’re using.

Credits to the owner of this photo. Click to link to its origin.


5. Concept of ARCs

When I was still living under the rock, I know nothing about ARCs except stuff bribed given to “professional book reviewers”. Book blogging introduced me to this outright wonderful concept of free books in exchange for an honest testimony. It’s like getting waged for doing your hobby.


6. Non-bookish stuff

I get that we can babble non-stop about books but there’s still other stuff that define us, right? So yes, if you wish to talk other nerdy stuff – TV shows, movies, games (depends), travels, etc – I’m you’re girl.

Enter a caption

7. Generosity of bloggers having giveaways


8. Cheap and convenient book sources

Living in the “outskirts of town”, my philosophy is not to buy books online like Book Outlet, Book Depository, etc. I feared my money just getting flushed down the drain for the shipment. Oh how entirely wrong I was (at some instances)!


9. A hangout place

I’m generally a person of solitude. I mostly keep to myself rather than get wild on parties. Since blogging, I had a zest of weekend twists where I just loiter around the blogosphere which sorta became my window to the world. I’m boring I know.


10. Bloggers turned insta- online friends

Isn’t it amazing how this enormous woven blanket of magic called web connects people from different walks of life and creates friendship out of virtually commenting a basic “hi”? AWESOME. You guys are awesome friends. Cheers!


See you on  TWITTER @thebookgasm|  GOODREADS @ Trisha Ann


  1. I love your take on TTT this week! This is a great list and I totally agree. Book blogging is the best. You find great books, meet great people, and totally improve on your writing skills. I am working on the graphics portion now… 🙂 My TTT


  2. The online friends is the main aspect that makes it hard to walk away from this hobby. I love creating posts but I also like maintaining my friendships and keeping up with everyone even though I’ve never met them in person. Also, I second the writing enhancement one. Blogging has helped with my writing greatly! 🙂


    • Yasss! Before, I used to think that making friends online is not for me since I’m more of a physical person. I like that despite the fact people here are living miles apart from each other, they still connect and welcome friendship 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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