The Autumn Book Tag

Hey y’all!

I was tagged Janey @ 1-800 Books to do the Autumn Book Tag just a couple of weeks ago. Thanks lovely! The line before this book tag is still long but I feel I OUGHT TO DO THIS NOW because well you know, all the leaves might fall off brown and lifeless and winter comes creeping in.


On to the questions!

1.What is your favorite thing about autumn?

I hail from a country in the equatorial region with sultry weather. The Philippines only has three seasons: HOT, HOTTER, and HOTTEST. Hence, the only reference of autumn I have is based on travels abroad. Most days, the temperature shoots beyond 30C that we’re ravenous for some place colder. What I like about an autumn visit is the transition from a humid weather (here) to a chilly one (there) and I think that’s pretty much how countries with four seasons experience since summer comes before fall

Also, who wouldn’t love those leaves in fiery colors? Maybe just those with leaf-strewn backyards that compelled their lazy butts to get up and sweep, yeah? But well with the age of selfies, who could resist taking photos with them?

Photo taken in Osaka Castle. Take me back there pleeease!

2. What book reminds you of your school days?

Nothing reminds me more of school than my 1000+page-thick textbooks (I’m a nutritionist, btw). Every time I see them, they scream to be read. My knowledge on the in-depth concepts of nutrition is already getting rusty from work.   


3. What cover reminds you of autumn?

I don’t own any books with fall-themed covers nor have I seen one. If there is, it’s not in the cover but in the contents of mangas I read.

Anyone watched /read School Rhumble?

4. What is your favourite horror or halloween story?

I read this in high school back when “you have to read a book because everybody else did” trend was up. The story’s very much like The Conjuring and American Horror Story’s The Murder House. A family moved to an upscale mansion which surprisingly costed a little fortune only to find the nightmare living in it. 


5. What is your favorite horror or halloween film?

I‘m a sucker for any good and REAL horror films. Capslocking “real” because I hate how some films claim to be scary when they’re nothing but meh. Asian horror films are the best, yes?

Shutter is a 2004 Thai film about a photographer who captures ghosts on his shot. Let me remind you, this is the age when photoshop wasn’t still a thing.


Another one of my favorite is again, a Thai film released in 2007 (Why are the Thais so good with this??).  Alone narrates the tale of conjoined twins. When they got surgically separated, the other twin died which marked the commencement of all terrors. I assure you, this is guaranteed to scare the living hell out of you. 


6. What fall book release are you looking forward to?

I’m not through yet with my books released months prior and yet here I am scouting for fall book release! This November, there’s 2 that stand out among my list.Technically, I should no longer be looking forward to their release anymore because they’re already out but well, let’s pretend they aren’t yet for the question’s sake. 

Soundless by Richelle Mead promises a brand new lot of fantasy set in China. Finally, a YA setting in my home continent! Plus, this lady on the cover bizarrely creeps me out so I’m more than interested to read this.


And this CoHo book for its intriguing synopsis and high ratings garnered.



7. What autumn movie release are you anticipating?

Need I say more? I’m watching this week! No spoilers, okay?



8. What are the three books you plan to read this autumn? 

Autumn’s slowly dwindling away (in countries that do have it now) so if I can’t finish these books before then, I’ll mark these as my holiday reads.


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  1. I love the colors of fall, too. Actually, I think it’s the only thing I enjoy about this season, ahah 🙂 This picture from Osaka Castle is so beautiful!
    I’m really eager for you to read All The Bright Places. It’s a book I really loved, so I hope you’ll like it,too! 😀


    • I didn’t realize why people love autumn hues so much until I see it. Japan is one of the most recommended go-to places in fall 🙂

      YESSS I’m reading All The Bright Places now! Finch is just so funny 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How good was the original Shutter!? It gave me nightmare for days. How could I not with THAT ENDING. Thai horror movies are the best.
    Thank you for the tag. I feel like I have to bypass the queue and do this one next, just like you did even though I also don’t have autumn here. :p


  3. Thank you for tagging me! 😊 You said Alone would scare the crap out of me and you’re right, just looking at the cover and thinking about the story right now freaks me out!
    Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the year, and also Winter. I am not a fan of hot and sunny weather one bit! Give me dark and dreary cold days ANY DAY! 😍


    • No seriously you should watch Alone but make sure you have brave companions with you. It’s an altogether gripping and horrifying story!
      Whoa you’re among the few who loves winter! I hate hot weather too but I’m left with no options in this tropical country :c

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ikr?! Let’s brace ourselves for an abyss of Christmas book tags! LOL. Aww that reallg sucks. I say boycott Tumblr (and other social spoiling media!)! I did when I got so pissed at getting spoiled on The Walking Dead. 😛


  4. THANKS FOR THE TAG, TRISHA! Like you, it’s not autumn for me now, it’s spring! But I seriously laughed when you said this – “The Philippines only has three seasons: HOT, HOTTER, and HOTTEST.” I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! Sometimes when I visit my family overseas, that’s exactly how it is too! Especially when it’s monsoon season – rain, humdity, and thunderstorms.

    I’m super interested to hear your thoughts on All The Bright Places. I read that recently and am still not sure how I feel about it… still developing my thoughts! I look forward to reading your review! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • You live in New Zealand right? (I did a little Twitter stalking ^^v) OMG I LOVE HOW THE COUNTRYSIDE LOOK LIKE THERE IN SPRING… judging from what pictures say.
      Rainy or humid, that’s exactly how it’s like here! Except during typhoon season, it’s practically hot in my country all year round.

      And yes, I’m reading All the Bright Places now! I’m loving it so far because of Finch. I’m not sure where this will take my feelings in the end. Weeee let’s discuss this soon! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I AM! Hahaha it’s okay, I think I’ve mentioned several times that I’m from NZ. ^_^

        It’s nice! Except for the overabundance of pollen and everyone gets allergies, LOL (thankfully I don’t.. I’m one of the lucky ones). If you ever visit NZ, aim for Queenstown – very beautiful lake town that’s amazing and eventful in all seasons!

        Ooh I’m glad you’re enjoying it! AND YES WE MUST DISCUSS ❤ I think it'll help me because I'm still stuck in the mud.


  5. Thanks for tagging me :D!!!
    I had to check whether I’ve done this tag already or not, turns out I haven’t. YAY! But seriously, why are there so many fall time/autumn related book tags? It’s so confusing hahaha


  6. Thank youuu for the tag! 😀 Not sure if I can make it in time for Autumn, but there’s always next year hehe.
    I totally get you on the climate in Phillipines – Florida is the same. It FINALLY got to 20 degrees C over here, and it’s the end of November. Clearly something’s not right!
    Yesss to School Rumble! Omigod, I remember having laughing so much while watching the anime. :’D It was ridiculous and hilarious and awesome.


  7. Ah gosh, I’m so late with this too. Thanks so much for tagging me, Trisha! I love doing season/nature tags for obvious reasons. 😉 Autumn and maybe even winter are my favorite seasons. Unlike over there, it does get quite chilly and sometimes freezing during these seasons though. I just love the cute, warm clothes that comes with this time of year. I should probably get around to doing this tag soon before winter comes though, hehe. And gah, please read the Grisha trilogy! Yes, I did give them around 3-ish stars overall but they’re really good. 🙂


    • I bet there’ll be a looooot of winter-/ christmas-themed book tags coming up on the next days!

      OMG yaaas! I don’t wear much winter clothes for obvious reasons but it’s just my favorite fashion sense! Maybe I’m just used to seeing much of summer outfit that I find coats and boots so refreshing LOL.

      I will get to Grisha soon! Though I’m thinking I want to start with Six of Crows first.The hype forces me to! Haha! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Ah! Thanks for the tag! Fall is almost over, and I’m sooo behind on ALL the tags! ^.^ I need to jump on this like NOW!
    Trisha, btw, those scary movies scared me. I’m afraid of any horror stuff and just reading the descriptions I was like “Nope!! *run away, run away* ” HAHA


    • You only have a couple of days left for this before another season creeps in and we get drowned by holiday/winter tags! There’s still next yr though LOL.
      TBH, I only watch horror when I have company. I CAN’T and WON’T do it alone haha 😛


  9. I just saw Mockingjay Part 2!!! What did you think of it? 😀
    I didn’t realize the Philippines don’t have the autumn/fall season. I can’t imagine the weather always being warm and hot! Here it is very cold right now. The autumn was pretty. I’m glad you got to experience it on your trip to Japan! 😀


    • Omg I am so ashamed to admit I haven’t seen Mockingjay yet!! Work’s getting doubly busy bc the holidays are up :'(. DID YOU LIKE IT THOUGH?
      Yeah so most Filipinos are hungry for cold weather. Haha! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mockingjay was so good!!! I hope you’ll like it once you get a chance to see it. 🙂 The holidays are the busiest time, eep! :_( Remember to take a few moments and enjoy the holidays for yourself. The holidays should be a happy time of year. Make time to do fun things, and take care of yourself. 🙂
        I wish I could send the cold weather here over to you, and I would gladly take the hot weather from there! 😀


      • Awww thank you E. Rawls! This is by far the sweetest message I got for holidays this year. The cold weather, if transferrable to another country, will be the best gift indeed lol. You take care of yourself too, yeah? I wish you the best holiday celebration with your family and friends :”>

        Liked by 1 person

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