Top 5 Wednesday: 2015 Fantabulous Authors

Happy Wednesday everyone! We had a nasty visitor in our country which brought heavy rains all over the metro and the north. But if you ask me, I secretly loved these rainy bed weathers. I can snuggle under these warm sheets with a cozy book in hand.

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the booktuber, Lainey aka gingereadslainey. You can find the topics and the Goodreads page of the book meme here. This week’s topic is 2015 top authors. When I started my blog this year, clearly, I didn’t know enough authors as much as others did. The very point of me telling this little story here is that I’ve discovered a handful of good authors this year from blog recommendations that it’s hardly easy for me to pick just five. But I’ll try anyway.


John Grisham

Grisham novels existed long before my existence fired up. I admit to being that reader who gets intimidated by tiny font sizes on books. John Grisham’s novels belong to this specie so I was largely hesitant to try it at first. I gave “The Firm” a chance this year and man, it was awesome. I’m not big on legal stuff but the thrill elements on John Grisham’s novels were just on point. And boy, despite the receding hairline, the handsomeness is etched in every single square inch of his face!

Jenny Han

I always see Summer trilogy on bookstores but it never occurred to me to give it a try. Its book covers are so plain it didn’t merit a second glance. Well, you know what they say about not condemning a book by its external look. To cut the long story chase short, I had an insta-love to Jenny Han’s writing flairs and her stories including Lara Jean’s. Her vibrant get-ups radiate so much youthfulness! Does anybody know if she’s releasing anything next year?

Sarah J. Maas

When everybody else partied for the release of ACOTAR and Queen of Shadows this year, that was the only time I picked up a Maas book. Yup, I’m years behind on this fangirling thing. I’m currently splurging on her series and it’s easy to become aware of its progress in every instalment.  And look at her! Publishing 2 books in a single year and yet not even a hint of eye bags visible on her face! Don’t talk to me on how the world is fair!

Sarah Dessen

Alright, so I’m late on this Sarah Dessen boat ride but oh well. To be honest, she was a stranger to me until I see her name frequently popping up on various Top 10 Tuesday entries. She’s also a queen to some bloggers I frequently interact with. There’s something about her features that’s appreciably Julia Roberts, don’t you agree? I was christened to this Dessen hype when I read “The Truth About Forever” and it paved the way for me to understand the hype. And this is me not starting yet on the gorgeous book covers.

Gillian Flynn

I think I mentioned this once or twice on this blog. I don’t know what’s with this woman bearing a face as meek as a lamb. How is she so good at developing dark and twisted plots?! When Gone Girl went to big screen late last year, that was my cue to try her novels. Flynn knows how to craft a murder scene so well it’s like she had a firsthand encounter in such.

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  1. OHMIGOSH, your first Grisham book was the same as mine (although mine has Tom Cruise on the cover. Hahaha.)
    I still haven’t read any Jenny Han’s books, but now I want to.


    • OMG YES! What other Grisham books did you read? I can’t choose which one to read next!
      Oh please do so we can fangirl soon! Jenny Han is an amazing storyteller! I can’t believe she’s not getting any hype.


      • I think I’ve read most of his books, I enjoy legal thriller to a fault even if I don’t understand the jargons. Let’s see. A Time to Kill is the people’s favorite, and the Rainmaker is my fave of his. But really, pick any older book of his, I feel like his newer books aren’t as good as his earlier ones.
        As for Jenny Han, which book of hers would you recommend I read first?


      • Yay thanks, Windie! I heard A Time to Kill was the bomb! I was trying to read the first parts a couple of months ago but I’m not completely motivated yet. Hopefully on my second try, I will be 🙂
        I first fell in love with Jenny Han’s summer trilogy! If you like simple and sweet, this book is for you. To All the Boys I Loved Before was nice too (with similar sweet and simple theme) and it’s more popular I guess. Happy reading! 🙂


      • It was Grisham’s first book, not perfect but still great.
        I just found the complete summer trilogy on google play store for like 10 dollars so I guess I’ll start with that. 🙂 Thanks Trisha.


  2. I am soooo behind the game on reading Mass, and Dessen…. actually on reading all the authors you’ve spotlighted today. *smh* I’m trying to catch up so fast but I can’t read that quickly! Lol. Love your post and yes, not fair that Mass is gorgeous and no eye bags in sight, I agree with you there! 😀


    • Get on the badwagon, Nic! But I’m hoping the rave we’re sparking won’t ruin your Maas experience 😉
      Me neither! I’m amazed by other bloggers’ stat on Goodreads having read more than a hundred books this year!
      And yup. Even actors and actresses who stay up late for a shoot and still were beautiful. How is the world fair?! lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know!! Trust, I’m jumping on board ASAP. I am actually planning to binge-read the whole series and then have a ToG themed week on the blog. I was also thinking of live tweeting my reactions to the books bc why not, lol *shrugie*


  3. I will eventually read a Gillian Flynn book. Eventually. lol. Grisham just isn’t my thing. I’v pigeonholed him as a “Courtroom Drama” type, and that might be a bit unfair, but it makes me yawn to even think of it.

    My Top 5


  4. Great post, Trisha! 😀 I discovered three out of five of these authors this year too, including Sarah J. Maas. We’re both well behind on the bandwagon, but at least we’re on it *virtual high five* xD I can’t say I’m too pleased with some of the decisions she made in her ToG series, but she’s still a fabulous author. Gillian Flynn too! I was pleasantly surprised by Gone Girl, and I’m looking forward to reading more by her! x


    • Thank you Aimal! We’re definitely late and I must say the hype made by those who came in before us kinda affected my outlook on this book. I agree with you. ToG has weak points but still has enough good points for me not to hate it 🙂
      I just loooove how crazy Gillian Flynn’s mind is when it comes to mysteries. Hope you’ll love them 🙂


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