Top 5 Wednesday: Top Graphic Novels (I Should Read)

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s the middle of the week and if you have a sanguine outlook like me, it means weekend is just a short mile drive away. The week’s been tough so far and I’m quite astonished how I’m still alive in one piece. Anyway, let’s all just look forward to that unlimited snooze fest this weekend and be a happy penguin! Now on to T5W!

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the booktuber, Lainey aka gingereadslainey. You can find the topics and the Goodreads page of the book meme here. This week’s topic is about Top Graphic Novels and while I would love to read such if I have the luxury, I’ve read only a few. For that, I’m tweaking it slightly and discuss instead Graphic Novels I Should Read.

The Walking Dead by robert kirkman

A zombie apocalypse has just hit the planet and the only left humans struggle for survival. It became so full of monotony and exposition on its 3rd season but despite that, I never missed a single episode so yup, I’m a loyal patron.  I’m not entirely certain but the TV adaptation wasn’t quite aligned with the graphic novel, they said e.g. Daryl Dixon is totally inexistent, Glenn Rhee’s already dead early out in the series, etc. so I’m quite curious what those are.


A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

I’m quite a GOT junkie having watched through the entire series in just a couple of sitting. From my recent conversations with some bloggers here, they said the book’s way better though an extreme amount of patience is a must. It was worth reading, I tried reading the first installment but man, I don’t think I can get through all the books. Just look at the font size. This highly descriptive book calls for a more graphic illustration of events and thus, I’m considering trying out the graphic novel.

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan is one of the best and well-thought out Dystopian ideas for me. My friend constantly urged me to get to this and boy was I so thankful he did. If you’re a fan of stuff involving logic, then this is for you but if you’re not in for some nasty killings and brutal scenes, don’t bother. The ending of the anime was a cliffhanger. I’m not sure whether they still plan for its pursuit so I’ve read some of  the manga and it’s already way way ahead the anime. If my googling is correct, there’s over 70 chapters before this year wraps up. Can you believe that?!

Death Note by Tsugumu Ohba

One of the most famous animes of the 2000’s, anyone? I was in high school when I’ve first watched this and my young neurons were completely worked up, I was mind-blown. We’re talking about an extremely intelligent student playing with a Death God’s death notebook. Seriously, the writer is a rare genius. I haven’t read through the entire manga yet though I snuck on some chapters. If you think AOT’s 70 chapters is already too long, wait until you get flabbergasted about Death Note totalling to over 100. Amazeballs.

Great Teacher Onizuka by Tohru Fujisawa

Did you guys ever watch Bad Teacher (starring Cameron Diaz) or School of Rock (starring Jack)? We’re talking about despicable and slothful mentors here because that’s exactly who Onizuka is. I’ve watched this back in elementary (Gosh I feel so old!) and I remembered there’s no getting up the couch. Kids, make sure you watch this with adult supervision because you’re going to see a lot of debauchery. I want to read the manga though not earlier than soon since my TBRs are screaming for me to stop adding some more.

If you notice, my choices for graphic novels are solely/ mostly based on animes or series I have already watched. I have a long list for manga I want to read e.g. Bleach, Psychopass, Parasyte, My Little Monster, Ranma 1/2, Ah My Goddess, Hunter Hunter, etc. Some TV companies just stop producing episodes of an anime (like Attack on Titan or His/Her Circumstances) halfway through if they aren’t welcomed with a warm reception from viewers or for some other reasons. It’s only in reading mangas where we can find a proper ending. However, they are pretty expensive from where I hail so they’re not actually my top priority buys. But if you do have an urgent recommended graphic novels, I would gladly appreciate it… and also an alternative cheaper buying platform of such.


  1. I wouldn’t bother with Death Note. The series starts out excellently, but the “rules” and plots begin to get too complex and repetitive after the 5th or 6th volume.


    • Really? That’s disappointing then. I adored the anime a lot I just thought the manga is better since hat’s usually the case. But thanks for the head’s up Jimmy! 🙂


  2. I can’t do graphic novels. They give me a headache in general (same with comic books). I *tried* to do The Walking Dead graphics because I loved the TV show, but…nope. Not happening. I think the graphic novels storyline might be a bit more interesting, so I kind of wish I could…

    My (Kid’s) Top 5


    • Yeah exactly my thoughts! I outgrew ny love for comic books when I was young though I’m interested in manga. Well I haven’t tried TWD graphic novel yet but I really want to buy. It’s just that it costs an arm and a leg so..

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  3. I love this list, because I’m a HUGE fan of all 5 titles you listed. I haven’t read the GoT graphic novel though XD
    I remember His/Her Circumstances! I was so in love with that anime. It was a shame they never picked it up again. And I agree with what you said about Attack on Titan! I’m crazy about it, the manga is moving so fast now it’s unbelievable. I heard they plan to continue the anime’s season 2 next year, they were just letting the manga move forward a bit more (plus the production for it is so costly due to its animation).
    I was thinking of doing this Top 5 too but I’m not so knowledgeable with the GN world. However, I do recommend Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series because his character, Dream, is phenomenal. Have you also heard of Tokyo Ghoul or a manga called X/1999? They’re good reads too…or great animes to watch 😛


    • Yey! We can go fangirling over these 5!!
      Yeah, I really love that anime. There’s this anime a little similar to that called My Little Monster and it’s addicting.
      Oh my gosh really?? They really should continue AOT’s anime or they’ll rip many fans’ hearts!
      I heard Tokyo Ghoul already from my friend I think. I’m officially adding that to my to-watch list! And Sandman too. I heard that’s a bomb! 🙂

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      • Ooooh I’ve seen that on Netflix, but my husband just discovered Naruto (I know, he’s been living under a rock) so we are binge watching that now.
        Yes, watch Tokyo Ghoul! I think it was one of the best animes released last year 😀


  4. Attack on Titan is one I definitely want to read. I have a friend that is literally obsessed with it. Oh gosh, Death Note. That used to be really popular and probably still is. I tried watching a few episodes of the anime and didn’t really like it. But I do know it’s dark and perfect for October. 😛


    • If you’re not into gory stuff and brutal killings, I’m not sure you’ll like AOT but I’m hoping you will. That will make three of us – you, me, and your friend – fangirling over it.
      You’re right! Death Note is dark and twisted and is perfect fot Halloween! 🙂

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  5. I’d like to get the GOT graphic novel as well. I’m tempted to get the Attack on Titans manga but manga series are so long that i usually don’t bother with them.


    • I want GOT so bad but it’s really expensive *sulks in corner* You’re right. Mangas can be long and tedious sometimes but if you’re lucky, you’ll get one that has you so hooked up 😀


  6. Death Note and Attack on Titan, I watched the series, those are great! I am trying to keep up with AoT’s manga. The website posts many of the latest manga chapters you can read for free. 😀


    • Yay! Finally someone I can fangirl with on these anime! I just love how amazing the minds behind the series were. Ahh yes there are free mangas on the net and I have an app on my phone that allows me to download some. A hard copy though is a lot better but oh well, who says no to free copies, right? lol

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      • They are amazing! AoT was so intense and well done! I hope they animate the rest of the series. Have you seen the “Junior High” mini series of AoT? It just started this fall and it’s a hilarious parody!


      • Wait really?? I didn’t know about that until now! I heard about the OVA about Levi’s past and all but hooray for this! Well it’s about time they make an addition to the animation 😀


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