Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Things About Book Blogging

Wow! September’s giving me all this outpouring amount of energy to be relatively active in blogging. Posting more than once in a week, is this really me?? My “busy” life doesn’t give me the luxury to do a daily check in my WP feed, much more to post stuff. Ahh but now it’s getting more lenient.

I’m preoccupied by my laziness so technically I’m busy. Ok but no kidding, life gives me a lot of reason to be busy.

I woke up one day, being extra hopeful, optimistic, and buoyant, when I had this sudden urge to participate in a… wait for it… BOOK MEME! So I snapped my laptop open quick as thunder, and all these train of thoughts came flowing through my fingers typing like a maniac. That explains this post… but I’m just exaggerating the “being hopeful part” to put up a good story lol. I orginally preferred to do a Top 10 Tuesday but I know I can’t fake diligence (10 ideas is too much for me to come up with!) so I had to settle for Top 5 Wednesday… and besides it’s already Wednesday so scrap T10T! I hope to make this my religion every Wednesday.

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the booktuber, Lainey aka gingereadslainey. You can find the topics and the Goodreads page of the book meme here.


This week’s topic is favorite things about blogging!

  1. Only the blogosphere peeps know about this blog… unless somebody’s hacking my laptop or my phone – which I highly doubt because I’m not that interesting to be “hack-worthy”. A lot of people I meet in this media are of the same boat and we share the same sanguine sentiments about having a platform where you can express yourself without anyone you personally know judging you. Who else agrees?
  2. I learn a lot of stuff I have totally zero idea before. ARCs, book tags (which multiply fast like bacteria), book memes, bookstagramming, book tweeting, indie book authors etc. These are hieroglyphics to me before but now, it’s in my system!
  3. Blogging hones my writing adroitness. I’m currently on the tail of those who are masters of it but seriously, if you’d look at how boring I wrote before… oh, but it’s already on the shredder. Bye hall of shame!
  4. This is the most cliche answer but hey, not for me. I meet a lot of people in blogging. I’m kinda allergic to meeting strangers but this media allows me to be extra confident. I explore brains from all walks of life, different colors, genders, mind gears, etc. I just realize that scrolling through one’s feed is like meeting several people in a day! Instameet!
  5. The most important thing is you can be crazy or sentimental or happy or wild or anything and you can get away with it because it’s your personal space! How cool is that?! Ahh, I seriously wish I had done this earlier.

    I can be like this without looking like a fool… or so I thought!


  1. Ahh, I so agree with all your points. Especially the first one. I think you were the one that recently mentioned about having no one in your real life that was aware of your blog right? If I mixed with you with some else I’m terribly sorry omg. But yeah, it’s great to have this creative freedom. ^.^

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