The Creative Blogger Award

Heyya! Guess what, another book tag!

I was tagged by two lovely ladies, Summer at Xingsings and CW at Read, Think, Ponder, to do the Creative Blogger Award. I am sure of one thing – that my body is made up of millions of molecules of sluggishness – and that does not include having any creative juices whatsoever. But thanks to these two creative unicorns for recognizing me! If you see the awesome banners and graphics on their blogs, you will absolutely shy away on how you did yours lol. Believe me, they’re that good!


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.

Five facts about me:

  1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Yup, I’m that 7 year old kid who could pronounce all satellites of the nine planets of the Solar System. Freak, right? AND I totally believe in the existence of life beyond earth. I know I’m usually mentally deranged but this is not one of those times. I mean, do you seriously believe we’re the sole living organism in this vastness? That’s just plain narcissistic human philosophy if you ask me. And besides, how cool is it to know extra variants of ice cream only available out there?!

    ROFLMAO! If you’re watching Ancient Aliens, this is hilarious… but maybe there’s a little truth there. I believe in life beyon earth but seriosly, that guy from the show just literally associates everything to aliens!
  2. Before I reach 25, I have my mind set on getting my mater’s degree in Public Health, maybe get a program in a Japanese university or something. I graduated from the University of the Philippines and in that school, it was always imbibed in us the value of service to the country. It’s the people in the community who have less chances of getting access to health care facilities for a number of reasons. And thus, health professionals should sometimes take off their white coat and immerse themselves in their situation to  help them.
  3. I’m a socially awkward penguin when I’m left alone with another lone person. It’s fine when I’m in a group but when it’s just me and another one, I feel the intense desire  need to escape, like I’m trapped in a room with carbon monoxide leak and I have to freaking get out. I don’t know but I have this worried sick feeling I have to say something to that person but simultaneously engulfed by extreme dread he/she might be anything but interested. I told you I’m an aberrant, out-of-this-world normal. I’m working on it though but still… HELP!

    Remedy, anyone??
  4. I have an extreme obsession for TV series. I’m literally that sloth you see on 9gag memes sitting her butt out, a large bag of potato chips on hand, eyes glued on the TV. I’m not picky in terms of genre but my favorites include fantasy, action, romance, horror, Korean, anime, etc. If I am a big reader, I’m an equally huge watcher. I’m currently obsessed with 3 titles: Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. If you have any suggestions on what to see next, please please please let’s discuss it over tea.

    I’m crazy about memes, I know!! But this is the last one so spare me for this which baasically sums up the story of my life! 😀
  5. No one from my social circle knows about this blog. Now I found a platform to vent out the contents of this craze-infested mind and I’m sorry if I’m inflicting you with this madness. It feels good to have no one judge you… or at least nobody you personally know. Besides, I get to instameet people from all across the globe! Cheers!

I’m tagging these creative bunch to do the tag (Because I’m having a little surge of productivity in my system, I’m also chronicling creative facts about them!…  and my sweet taggers, Summer and CW did so I think I should too haha!):

E. Rawls from E. Rawls Fantasy. Here’s one of the most ingenious and awesome writers I met in wordpress. E. Rawls mostly writes about fantasy stuff and I like how cleverly specific and vivid she is when it comes to describing something. Yes, she’s good at transporting you to that scene. You should check out her short stories here

Erika & Miedjel @ Partners in Books. These two lovely girls never fail to show their closeness in the blogosphere and there’s nothing but admiration in that. When their creative minds fuse together, they come up with these totally wonderful ideas like in this Book Cover Guessing Challenge which you can see here

Erika @ Erika in Bookventureland. You guys, do you read Erika’s Top 10 Tuesday posts? You can totally get good book recommendations there… and a good laugh. Haha! I like her random book stuff posts of which my favorite is about hateful book characters where we shared the same loathe for Geoffrey Baratheon! 

Erika @ The Book’s The Thing. (I just realized I follow a lot of Erika’s!) Erika is an active participant in the meme, What Are You Reading Wednesday, and I like how she shares lots of awesome books. It was also she who introduced me to the National No Rhyme Day, weird but cool. You should definitely check out orange and other words that have no rhymes on her post.   

Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard. I’ve been following her blog for quite a while and it’s only now (as in literally hours ago) that I learned she’s a fellow Filipino! Giselle writes comprehensive book reviews. She has a cool blog outfit, a bright, summery theme.

Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts. If you’ve been reading Joey’s posts, you would surely get a good dose tons and tons of laughter but at the same time would realize he’s “word vomiting” sensible stuff. Another cool thing about this guy is that he cosplays which he mentioned on one of his posts. 

Josie @ Josie’s Book Corner. Josie is a fellow Gossip Girl junkie. She’s one of the most religious and diligent person when it comes to keeping her blog active. One of the new creative shticks Josie added is her Spotlight Saturday posts. A new meme whose proponent is Josie herself! Ahh if only I have those creative neurons too!

JM @ Book Freak Revelations. JM features several book events going on locally which I’m thankful for. He’s like the anchorman of the Philippine wp book blogging. I’ve seen only a few posts of him but I must say he’s the well-organized sort of book reviewer. My cluttered mind has to burrow in shame!  


  1. It means so much to me that you like my event recaps! I take pride in doing so, and would be glad to showcase more of them soon! Thank you! Also, huge thanks for nominating me! 🙂

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  2. Oh I loved reading your seven facts! I wanted to be an astronaut once upon a time…I think it was when I had to do a project of the solar system. I thought it would be the most coolest job ever. xD And I share similar sentiments when it comes to being an awkward penguin. I hate being alone with a stranger. I’d say I’m a talkative person, but only when I’m comfortable with them. If it’s a person I barely know I just want to run away because I seem to have anxiety when trying to have a conversation with them…I worry that they will think I’m so weird or something. HAHA

    And like you, no one in my social circle knows about my blog either and I hope it stays that way because they wouldn’t understand my book rambling nonsense. HAHA

    Thank you for the nomination Trisha Ann! ❤

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    • Thank you Erika! Cool! Well, I guess it’s not yet too late for us to be an astronaut lol! It’s the gray area between being an introvert and extrovert, right? There should definitely a proper word for how we feel about being aloof to a total stranger! And, you’re welcome! Cheers to more tags coming! 😀


  3. Yay Trisha! Call me weird but I love reading these sort of posts when we take a break from talking about books. c:

    WRT your first fact — I agree! Our universe is incomprehensibly vast, and to believe that we’re the only intelligent species out there is silly. I think it’s kinda an awesome thought that we’re not alone in our existence. Your fact reminded me of this piece of writing I found some years ago:

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    • Not weird at all, CW! I love talking about books but it’s nice to talk about something else too 🙂
      That’s a wonderful piece! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 It made me have all these different feelings – blushing, creeped out, astounded, happy, etc. It’d be really cool to have a parallel! 😀

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      • Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

        You’re welcome! It’s one of my favourite pieces of writing – gives me so many feels. ME TOO. I don’t know, that’d be both scary but awesome. I wouldn’t want to meet them, but the idea of it is nice.

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    • Sorry to creep you out LOL. I’m actually a professional stalker… KIDDING. You mentioned it in one book tag and it kinda stuck to me bc cosplaying is awesome! And you’re welcome! 🙂


  4. Oh gosh, haha, I’m such an awkward goose myself. So we would make a cute penguin/goose pair, lol. And that last fact was really interesting. Me too, only a select few know about my blog now that I think about. It’s not that it’s embarrassing or anything (actually it is sometimes, like I don’t want my real life friends/family know I fangirl over fictional boys, lol) but I think very few people know I love reading that much, which kind of sounds funny as a book blogger. And I enjoyed your little blurbs on each blogger; your memory is impeccable and I love that you always remember the details of your buddies’ blogs. You’re awesome, Trisha! Glad you participated in this!


  5. Erika @ Bookventureland also says so. We should hold the first ever awkward penguin/goose party LOL.
    Wow really?? With your super adorable book cases and your numerous book hauls, people should get a hint 🙂
    Actually, I only remember minor details and keep on forgetting important stuff 😛
    And thanks Summer! How’s school? I’m glad you had time reading this given your extra demanding college thing 🙂


  6. You made my day with your awesome, lovely comments about my writing, Trisha!! ❤ Thank you!
    I was away on vacation so I missed reading a lot of blog posts and am only this week getting to things I missed, so I'm sorry about the late response.
    #3 Oh my goodness, that is totally ME too! I'm better now, but I used to be…oh man…well, introvert took on a whole new meaning. XD Remedy, is there a remedy out there?
    #4 What Korean dramas do you watch? I have a friend who loves Korean dramas, and I'd like to get around to watching some sometime.


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