P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

It’s been absolutely an excruciating wait before this book came out. Literally, Jenny Han made her fans suffer from intense thirst when she ended “To All the Boy I’ve Loved Before” with a hanging “Dear Peter..”-statement. P.S. I Still Love You follows the story of Lara Jean and Peter spiced with the addition of a new character, John.

AUTHOR: Jenny Han

PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster



RATING:   4 out 5

SYNOPSIS (from Goodreads): Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter. She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren’t. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever. When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once? In this charming and heartfelt sequel to the New York Times bestseller To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, we see first love through the eyes of the unforgettable Lara Jean. Love is never easy, but maybe that’s part of what makes it so amazing.

I actually finished P.S. I Still Love You a couple of weeks ago but I preferred to write a review later which is now. I got my head in the clouds and my thoughts about this book still in a messy of web of clutter that I couldn’t proceed to post one. Many of the blogs I follow have already posted their reviews and I’m glad we somehow share the same perspective for this. In other words, I’m not the only one maniacally caught up with Lara Jean’s cutesy love affairs.

If I were to choose the single most likable element of the story, I’d say it’s the plot. Some may have already know that I have a penchant for something fast-paced. The first few pages of this book were enough to let me skip my favorite TV show until I pulled up an all-nighter to finish this. Lara Jean was tangled in a thread of a complicated relationship with Peter K, outrageous Anonybitch scandal, insecurity with Genevieve, cuddly family stuff, and an intricate love triangle.

Now that I mentioned it, I’d like to highlight that love triangle with John Ambrose McClaren. He was a childhood friend and sweetheart of Lara Jean who – thanks to Kitty – happened to receive one of her secret love letters. For the sake of honesty, I’d say the love triangle was artificial and unnecessary like Jenny Han pushed herself to make one. Obviously, P.S. I Still Love You would not be born if not for this but still. The brighter side is that we’re spared from the typically crappy upshot of love triangles i.e. where the person who’s not meant for the protagonist end up being the bad guy. Johnny is anything but spiteful so if in any case he did turn out to be the villain, Jenny Han’s definitely getting a hate mail.

On another note, the development of characters was definitely something. For one thing, Lara Jean metamorphosed from being the girl who thought her love affair was worse than the  warfare in the Middle East Regions to someone who’s not. Still annoying, but aren’t all teenagers? Peter K became more charming. When he got jealous, it’s like he’s asking for a hug it easily melts your heart. Genevieve was still a monster but she intensified the drama which I liked a lot making her a very likable monster for that matter. And Johnny, I already talked about him so I’ll just reiterate my fondness for him enough to make me question my loyalty to Team Peter. I miss Josh though. He made a cameo appearance which made me ached for him even further. I hope Jenny Han makes a spin-off of him and Margot.

I’d like to highlight the character who made everyone’s day sunny. Kitty Covey is one kickass young lass! She’s a tiny ball of cuteness which babbled smart, straightforward advice to anyone who needed or who didn’t. If I’d have a sister like her, we’d probably always bicker but I’ll pray to all the gods of the universe to make her that small and adorable forever.

To wrap it up, If you’re on a search for some mind-troubling-in-a-good-way, political, or supernatural story, this is not for you. P.S. I Still Love You tackles family, young love, sibling-hood, friendship, and other struggles of an adolescent. This is emphatically relaxing requiring a few to none of your brain cells to work but it will demand a good dose of your emotions so be prepared.



Feel free to tell me what you think :)

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