Pitch Perfect 2



The Bellas are back, and they are better than ever. After being humiliated in front of none other than the President of the United States of America, the Bellas are taken out of the Aca-Circuit. In order to clear their name and regain their status, the Bellas take on a seemingly impossible task: winning an International competition no American team has ever won. In order to accomplish this monumental task, they need to strengthen the bonds of friendship and sisterhood, and blow away the competition with their amazing aca-magic! With all new friends and old rivals tagging along for the trip, the Bellas can hopefully accomplish their dreams once again. (Courtesy of Chris Greenleaf from IMDB)

Three years after a financially successful first installment, the Bellas are back pitching for yet another box office hit. As of this writing, Pitch Perfect 2 garnered a gross amount of $69.2M, a figure that’s exceedingly high for an opening weekend of a musical movie. And yes, I’m one of those who just made these ladies a million dollar richer.

Some things changed on the way the characters had been portrayed compared to the first. I liked how the limelight is no longer on Beca but to all of them. We see Fat Amy/Patricia stepping into a more prominent role which I think is way better than her being just a sidekick of the leads. Beca also metamorphosed from being a punk toughie chic to a vibrant lady rocking a miniskirt. There were items though that remained consistent like Stacie being highly sexual, Cynthia being gay, and Lilly being soft voiced.

The plot was well enough to be considered real. I’m pretty sure many of those who watched felt a dose of nostalgia looking at how these girls embraced the end of their lives as students. I liked how there were no complicated plots entitling watchers for a good two-hour stretch of just hollering in laughter. However, the typical cliche theme of Hollywood movies – a succession of failures and humiliations leading to an eventual triumph after a heart-to-heart confab – did not fail to reveal itself. The ending was so obvious I can’t blame the guy drooling on his sleep next to me who woke up shortly before the credits.

If you’re looking for some time to splurge on chuckling and cackling, then this movie is for you. The movie team carried out the techniques used from the prequel to make sure the audience’s laughter weren’t just ephemeral. They used the same jokes about the fat, the gay, the non-Westerners, and the uglies only staged in a different way. Why? They’re a hit. The mass simply loves the idea of discrimination. Though funny, some acts were beyond what’s acceptable behavior. This goes not only for this movie but also to several comedy films released lately. I wonder how the screenplay writers could fall into a deep slumber at night knowing they’ve hurt the feelings of half a million in this planet. I hate the fact that I paid these people who make a living out of prejudicing others.

But wait! I’m not saying Pitch Perfect 2 is nothing but a frivolous, profit-oriented, unoriginal film. One thing likable about the movie’s theme is that it incessantly carried on depicting female power. I felt so relieved I didn’t see any weeping weak woman getting a fairy tale ending with her knight in a shining armor. When Beca’s singing voice gained admiration from his boss over Snoop Dogg and some long-term intern guys, that was amazing! And Fat Amy deciding she be a free butterfly (watch the movie why!) totally sent positive messages to the girl world. There were some songs some would think only boys have the right for. Well, the Bellas claimed it and nailed it.

Speaking of songs, I must commend the music team of this movie for a very good job. The song choices were so aca-awesomely chosen I find myself singing them in the shower. A song or two may have been sung offbeat but I didn’t quite notice it. I’ve been hearing “Flashlight” by Jessie J in the radio for quite some time and it was astonishing when the Bellas made their rendition I had to download it right after.

With all these annoyance and appreciation, fInally, my rating for this movie is:

It's okay


  1. I actually had no idea Beca was spelled that way, haha. And I totally agree, this is definitely a profit-oriented movie but I can’t wait to see it for the humorous parts! Hopefully, I’ll get to watch it this coming week. 🙂

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    • I didn’t know about it too until I googled it and saw it was spelled Beca 🙂 The movie was really hilarious it would give you a good break from your school stuff. Enjoy!

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