Harry Potter MOTW: Most Anticipated Moment


It’s not Thursday but I decided to still do this week’s Harry Potter Moment of the Week. This book meme is hosted by the Uncorked Thoughts. As much as I wanted to religiously post something about it, I can’t. Life sometimes gets out of hand *sigh*. I won’t bore you with my usual [but honest] excuses about work, work, and work. I’ll just do a late post.

This week’s topic is Most Anticipated Moment. I must say I anticipate every beginning of each book. The end of each just left me hanging that it made me want to grab to the next quickly. But it is to the seventh book when my level of excitement got beyond controllable! Reasons why:

1. When The Half-Blood Prince concluded, I was devastated. Who wasn’t? Well, I had a heads up of what was about to happen (thank you, spoilers *rolls eyes*) but still! I was praying to all the gods of the universe for JK Rowling to finish the last book so fast because all of us emotionally wrecked were badly in need of explanations.

2. Ahh Ginny and Harry. They seemed to couldn’t get enough of each other so I was highly anticipating how their love affair continued on the next and how it would end. Fortunately, it wasn’t another heartbreak.

And oh! Hermione and Ron too!

What’s there not to be excited about when you’re swooning over these lovely young couples?

3. And of course, I wanted to know how it all ended. How would Harry defeat Voldemort? Feed him to Fluffy? or Grawp? Poison his butterbeer? Tie him in the Whomping Willow? I remembered being so giddy then while waiting for the Deathly Hallow’s release. I made discussing Harry Potter 7 possibilities to my friends, sisters, and to all those who would listen my hobby.

As much as I wanted to wear away my anticipation anxieties over the events of the seventh book by devouring the pages quick, I was a little bit reluctant to do so actually. Part of me wanted to slow down because to get to the end meant the end of my entire childhood. “All was well” the last line read and in those three words, my heart rejoiced and at the same time, was ripped.

What was your Most Anticipated Moment?


Feel free to tell me what you think :)

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