Dear Cancer Bookmark

To my dearest Cancer Bookmark,

First of all, Happy 7th birthday! Wow. Can you believe that? You’re like a child I nurtured (or not!) and it’s incredible how you’ve quickly gone to 2nd grade school. I was just absentmindedly stroking the creases along your battered physique while reading a nice book this morning when the thought hit me. I can’t even remember if you were a gift or I bought you myself. 

To set things straight, I’m a very disorganized person. There, I said it. Every small object I own end up getting lost and you know that. I’d like to think my bed is a monster in disguise that eats everything that fell right underneath. But you “lived” so you gave me this single strand of chance that my grubby personality is not a hopeless case.

I had several bookmarks – laminated, plastic clippers, bookmarks with magnet, beaded ones, etc. – and I would honestly and totally say they were way better looking than you do. I would sometimes prefer them over you whenever I fancy reading in a posh cafeteria just for the show while waiting for someone. But for some reasons, I always go back to the beaten-up version. You are the most convenient thing that ever happened in my reading life so thank you. 

I can’t promise you won’t ever have lines and ridges anymore judging from my constant lack of care so please stay strong!


PS Don’t turn green with envy if I use scrap of papers/ stray cloths/ crumpled receipts/ homeless pens and pencil as my temporary bookmarks. During those times, either you’re hibernating in some dark spot beneath my bed I can’t seem to locate you or they’re just more conveniently within my reach. 



  1. haha I have a bookmark with this design, I’m a libra. Sadly, I haven’t celebrated any of her birthdays yet HAHA but I’m quite sure she’s supposedly 9 years old this year. I have been using it still since the time i bought it because I collect bookmarks and have a special place for them all so I could easily grab any of them XD

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    • Wow you sure know how to keep your bookmarks in place. 9 years old? That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to collect too but for some reasons, I end up forgetting where I last placed it. Thanks for stopping by 😀

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  2. Ha ha you’re lucky you at least still have your bookmark currently. 👍 I always tried to keep bookmarks but they got lost often so I just don’t bother much anymore. 😄 Make sure to give your Cancer Bookmark my well wishes! 😉

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  3. Your Cancer Bookmark should be happy it survived for SEVEN whole years!! XD I can’t remember the last time I used an actual bookmark. The only bookmark I have now is 4 years old and the only reason it survived for so long is because I have NEVER used it. Not kidding, I have absolutely no idea where it is now, but I am sure it’s in someplace safe……….? Well, Happy Birthday to your bookmark and I hope it lives on to have a happy, healthy life. XD

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    • She says thanks! I can’t even believe it myself. Now I’m thinking of preserving it and passing it on to my future grandchildren 😀 Well, 4 years is still a milestone so congratulations! I hope you find it soon!!

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