Harry Potter MOTW: What Would Your Animagus Form Be?


Thursdays are for Harry Potter Moment of the Week. This book meme is hosted by Uncorked Thoughts.

This week’s topic is “What Would Your Animagus Form Be?” If I remember it right, one doesn’t choose his/her animagus form. It’s derived typically from one’s personality. Usually, one’s Patronus is also one’s Animagus form.

Well, to tell you the truth, the idea of morphing into an Animagus doesn’t seem so appealing to me. BC:

1. The process one has to undertake before becoming a full-fledged Animagus is so tedious. I’m a professionally lazy person, so thanks, but no.

2. Second, I like my human form just the way it is. There are tons of benefits about walking upright like being able to swim [though not as good as sea creatures, of course], and the incredible advantage of having the assistance of two hands. What a nightmare it would be not being able to hold still a remote control. Something it doesn’t cover though is the ability to fly. But, oh well, I can learn to navigate through my Firebolt.

3. As mandated by the wizarding law, you can’t chooose your own Animagus. So if you want to be Aslan or Kingkong, sorry dear but you can’t have it your way. Your Patronus is usually your Animagus form. If you read my previous post about my Patronus form, it’s an otter. I have no idea what it ever does. All I know is that it’s a furry rat-like animal which lives for only about 15-16 years (Thank you, Google!). For crying out loud, I won’t even get to the legal age of doing things!

So I swear before all the tombs at Godric’s Hollow, there’s no way I’ll be an Animagus.


  1. This post literally had me laughing!! ;D I think that my Animagus would be an Owl. Atleast I would want it to be an Owl. Here are my reasons-
    1) I get to fly
    2) I get to see in the dark
    3) I can survive in the jungle (Atleast I hope so)
    4) Last but not the least, and this one is my favourite reason- I get to talk to the other Owls, which makes me have the ability to find out where they are taking letters, and I can trick my enemies by being an Owl and taking their letters, when I can actually actually read all the cheeky stuff written in it.
    SNEAKY… But it is kind of cool though. 😛 😛

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    • Except your diet includes rats lol. But yeah the fourth one’s pretty smart. You can practically sneak into your crush’s letters 😛

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      • That would be pretty cool because what if you stumble across this top secret letter that could save the world? 😛 Yeah…. I probably should have given the rat part some though… But hey, no pain no gain! 😛 😛 Maybe I could just sneak open peoples parcels which contain goodies and sweets, and maybe just take a small bite or more….? 😀 😛

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      • And that top secret could actually earn you lots of galleons and make you more famous than Harry or Voldemort. So yeah, why not 🙂 And I just realized you can always go back to your human form if you don’t want rats for breakfast 😛

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