Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (Spoiler-proof)

This review is spoiler-proofed for those who haven’t read the book yet so no worries! 

Lately, this book had been making a hubbub across various social media platforms. Receiving hundreds of acclaims, Jojo Moyes was definitely the woman of the hour. So I picked up the book, hoping my life to be changed like what thousands of readers claimed happened to them, and it never did let me down for a second. Lou Clark and Will Traynor’s love story is just one of a kind.

Have you ever laughed so hard, cried buckets, and grinned in love because of a fictional couple? I did. Have you ever felt so attached to a book that you found reality indistinct from what happened to what you’re reading? I did. Have you ever felt torn between wanting to read fast to discover the conclusion and wanting to read slow to digest every word? I did. Have you ever asked the world why it still spins when practically your own is on apocalypse because of a book? I did. Me Before You did all these to me.

While the book’s cornerstone is the love story between the caregiver Lou and a quadriplegic Will, I liked how it also tackled a socially relevant issue which is euthanasia of which she gave no crap about. Here, we see the two definitions of mercy killing being [a] the very synonym of murder and [b] an alleviation to endless pain. I am one to experience handling a man on a wheelchair, felt his crankiness and helplessness. Their desire to wither rather than be someone else’s burden is ever present. Jojo Moyes was very excellent in justifying every bit of feeling expressed in this book like she had experienced everything firsthand.

I’ve never felt so much emotions from a book before. If I have used this line a million times already, I’m sorry. But this is where it had to be the most applicable. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS. I bet you all the books I own you would love the story. Thank you so much, Jojo Moyes, for warming my heart and influencing my life through Will Traynor and Lou Clark. Needless to say, my rating for this book are all these five stars.


  1. I’ve heard so many people mention how great this book is. I’m afraid to read it though, I’m not ready for a pandemonium of emotions. But speaking of wonderful contemporary novels that entails feels, I just got a couple of Rainbow Rowell books! 😀


    • I’ve been forewarned to feel those but I assure you it will be all all worth it 🙂 I love Rainbow Rowell books too! Tell me how you feel after Eleanor and Park ok? 🙂


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