We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

I would have posted a review about the conclusion of Belly’s summers right away but work kept getting in the way so it had to wait. I wanted to say that I have A LOT of feelings about this book. So much I couldn’t bring myself to read another for days because I still couldn’t get over it.

Let’s start with the wedding… or shall I say the accidental engagement slash “the silliest idea ever”. What’s going on with Belly’s and Jeremiah’s little heads? First of all, they’re just kids fresh out of high school and suddenly they wanted to march down the aisle. Secondly, their reasons to pursue weren’t enough. Jere bent down on one knee, went all gooey with the freaking engagement ring, and decided to start a new life even if the world’s against it after a fight over a one night stand. Oh please, it’s not going to erase the facts you were once Jerk-miah. And Belly? She damned said YES. I was beginning to think Belly outgrew her pacifiers until this. Half of me wanted to erase that part even if that entailed redoing ninety percent of the book if not everything. The worst disappointment for me was Jeremiah. He emerged from a charming best friend, ideal son-in-law to a guy who’s selfish enough to want all the scallops in the platter. Jenny Han, why?!! I knew this will happen as in all love triangles did but I loved Jeremiah I hated the author for toying with him and making him the bad guy.

While those were totally infuriating, so much about this book gave me the feelings of being in a sea cloud nine. Conrad, for one thing, transformed from a bewildering guy to someone who would take your breath away and say:

“Don’t marry him. Don’t be with him. Be with me.”

I fainted a million times. And when he surrendered the fight all for a good cause and said:

“I need you to know that no matter what happens, it was worth it to me. Being with you, loving you. It was all worth it”

My heart went out for him. California gave him some sense of decency and romance! Well, we all expected Belly’s gonna end up with him. Even Susannah! It was all clear with the almost-intimate and intimate moments of the two and Belly having cold feet before her fiancee.

I loved Jeremiah ever since he stepped out of the porch and hugged Belly way back first book but Conrad became Mr. Nice and Poetic that there was this battle boiling within me as to which team to vie for. If Belly chose her best friend, I’d be okay with it but it would be all a waste of trees spent in pages of her declaration of love she nurtured for years for Conrad. If Belly chose her first love, it seems all befitting since this is where the story dragged you all along but it would leave Jeremiah so devastated. So I left the decision for the gods, crossed my fingers for a good conclusion. And it was. A glorious ending. Belly became Mrs. Fisher. As to which fisherman, you have to find out for yourself.

I couldn’t get this book out of my system for a while. The summer house. Belly and her boys. Being young and in love. Despite what I said about Jenny Han earlier, I still think good of her. She has very powerful words like a black hole that would engulf you until you get all emotionally attached to it. So here’s what I’d give:

Like it

I started with a very very hateful tirade and so I must be mad for giving four generous stars. But this was either because the good ones compensated for the bad or I was just so badly entrapped by the magic this masterpiece holds.

I just found from this link that this series will be given a TV adaptation. Oh boy, I can’t wait to find out who they’re casting!



  1. After your reviews on the trilogy, I’m starting to remember this series! But I wonder why I gave it a 2 stars on goodreads when it seems like you enjoyed them so much. This calls for a reread this month…


    • Yes you should reread it 🙂 Well, some didn’t like how it turned up but I did at some points. I hope I could forget everything and reread it so I could feel all these excitement over this book again

      Liked by 1 person

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