It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han

This post MAY contain spoiler so if you still want to pursue, suit yourself!

I read like a wind in a breezy winter night that I didn’t realize I’m starting on the next installment already. There’s so much heartache in this book that I cried buckets. Jenny Han knows just the exact words to trigger readers’ tear glands active and I was a victim.

The bad news about Susannah broke out as early as page 2. It was so casually delivered I wasn’t prepared to face it. It came like a speeding truck on a highway and I got hit helplessly. For a second there, I gasped and I silently screamed NO EFFING WAY on top of my lungs. I stopped reading for a while. This moment deserved a moment of respect.

Still, there was so much to grin and blush about. I liked how the narrator switched between Belly and Jeremiah. It’s so refreshing to hear someone else’s perspective. Jeremiah grew from a happy-go-lucky, friend-of-all-season kind of guy to a no-nonsense, levelheaded young adult. I was vying for him for Belly at first and even more so at this point. Speaking of which, my annoyance for her became less and less. Well, immaturity was still her expertise but at least, she already learned the art/science of putting in mind others’ welfare. When she said this..

“I will never look at you in the same way ever again. I’ll never be that girl again. The girl who comes running back every time you push her away, the girl who loves you anyway.”

I was like “Way to go, Bels!”  What I’m bothered about is Conrad’s temperament. One second, he made me swoon. The next, I am blurting out “What the hell was I thinking?” Here, Confusing was his middle name. He’s hurting, yes but weren’t they all? For the first time in history, I felt downhearted for Belly (What a milestone!).

I would like to commend Laurel here for two things. First for slapping Belly like a real villain in a movie. I had grown fond of Belly but at some points, this was exactly what I wanted to do to her and Laure did an awful nice blow. Second, for saying these words to the uptight Adam:

“Excuse me, fuck you.”

She was a total ass-kicker. I could never imagine a fictional woman as bolder. Well, Hermione Granger’s punch to Draco Malfoy was equally damn good but Laurel withstood friendship despite death, relationship with husband despite divorce, good parenthood despite being the bad guy, and many more years of experience. So I guess she deserved a space here.

Overall, this book is amazing. Jenny Han tackled high school and family drama like no other. She narrated it like having hands-on experience with each, voicing out the exact emotions every person who had undergone them were afraid or embarrassed to admit. For a dime paid that’s never wasted for a paperback, here’s what I give:

Love it

You may read the synopsis here.



  1. I think I read this one a couple years earlier, and after reading your review I remember nothing from what I read. Maybe I should reread this series, it’s about time I read some light ya romance. Do you like Sarah Dessen as well? She’s a great ya chick flick writer if you haven’t already heard of her.


      • Honestly, many of Sarah Dessen works are really similar and they become bland as you read more of her books. Even so, her writing style and voice really makes up for it, and compels you to buy her books every time one is released. But my favorites (in this exact order) are The Truth About Forever (a must read), Just Listen, and Along For the Ride. You’ll have to tell me if you decide to pick up one! (:


      • Yeah, works the same for me in reading all the books of the same author. Sure, I’ll let you know which one I’ll start 😉


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