Lola and the the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

“I know you aren’t perfect. But it’s a person’s imperfections that make them perfect for someone else.”

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I’m writing out my thoughts while everything’s still fresh from my memory. The thing about this book is that comparison with Anna and the French Kiss is inevitable although theirs was completely a different story. Lola’s was nice but not quite. There’s so much excitement in the former which was, if not absent, barely here. There was a point when I was holding the book for the sole purpose of not being over with Anna and St. Clair yet. Their regular appearance here sort of motivated me to move across the next page. Nonetheless, the book’s not horrible enough for me to quit it.

The title’s quite intriguing because for me, everything about a boy next door is. It’s like they’re concealed beneath their masks of mystery, geek-iness, and all nice attributes that entrance one’s curiosity. Cricket was exactly that. He’s socially awkward, intelligent, kind and all. If you remember Mouth Mcfadden from One Tree Hill, he seems like him. Always the nice guy. Stephanie Perkins is so good with boys she has absolute knowing on how to make readers  have the hots for them.But whatever happened to her name-choosing skills made my heart sank. Seriously, she could pick better names for such a lovable personality other than an insect! Oh well, I try to think it was a reference from Pinocchio’s conscience, Jimney Cricket, since, he’s Mr. Goody two- shoes.

BUT Lola, her love interest, couldn’t definitely be Brooke Davies. There’s something in her I don’t like and it’s just partly because she dresses like Lady Gaga.. or a Christmas tree. I believe in making your own marks but what I’m getting from her being a spendthrift at costume scavenging was bothersome. It’s her money, yes, but the point is, her extremely extravagant, seemingly futile caprice (or better yet, vice) was definitely not a good mark. On top of that, she’s a self-centered, bratty four-year old love rat. Wanting to cheat on her boyfriend was a mistake. Attempting to do so was worse. There’s a thin line between love and selfishness and Lola missed that. And don’t get me started on how bad she is at narrating the story. Her thoughts on justifying all the retributions she made was anything but justifying. In the end, she reconciled with every person she had hurt but it did slight to ease the damaged reputation I pictured of her. The story wouldn’t probably be a complete let-down if not for her. But technically (and unfortunately), it almost did since this is about Lola. So I’m sorry.

I don’t own this picture but this pretty much captures the moment so I’m borrowing it!

Moving on from the crappy part, for me, this story wasn’t just about Lola and Cricket but Andy and Nathan’s as well. Oh how cool it is to have two dads! On second thought maybe not so much if you’re making your way through adolescent life and you have these very very stern daddies. Anyway, this isn’t to highlight their parenting skills but another issue. Andy and Nathan’s love wasn’t in the limelight but the sneak peaks were enough to show they’re clearly a match made in heaven! Heterosexual relationship is just something I adore. It’s like being entrapped in magic, love, and romance with someone with the same genitals while the tune of “You and Me Against the World” echoes. For that, I think they definitely deserve to be recognized. I’m making a mental note to write a fan fic about them.

And now the verdict! This is the Stephanie Perkins, the heroine of young adult fiction talking to me, the one who understands teenage quirkiness. Here’s to instances without the presence of Lola Nolan’s undeniably unpleasant attributes. Soooo…

It's okay


  1. I agree, I loved reading about Andy and Nathan and the San Francisco setting was great too! This book sort of fell flat for me as well (I just finished it) and the romance just didn’t make me swoon, I didn’t care for Lola’s self-centered personality or Cricket’s submissive one. I hope I enjoy Isla and the Happily Ever After more!


    • Andy and Nathan reminded me of Magnus and Alec from The Mortal Instruments. I haven’t read Isla yet. Let me know if it’s a good one 🙂


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